T3 Awards 2020: Nest heats up our smart energy-saving award

The Nest Thermostat E wins our Best Smart Energy Product award

T3 Awards 2020: Best smart thermostat
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As time goes on, we're only becoming more aware of the urgency of the climate crisis. Drastic action is needed at a high level, but there are also sustainability improvements we can make at a personal level, and smart heating is one of the best, because it not only makes it easy to save energy, it's actually better that what came before in every way.

All of this is why the Nest Thermostat E is our T3 Awards 2020  winner for Best Energy Saving Product – it's an affordable, understandable and, crucially, genuinely smart way to lower your energy usage, save money and yet have even more comfortable heating.

It's a really smartly designed physical product, it works with all kinds of heating systems, and the built-in learning makes it really easy to make your home more efficient without adding any complexity to your life.

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As you use Nest's heating systems, they learn how quickly your home heats up, what kind of adjustments you tend to make, and various other factors, and then tweak how the heating applies itself so that can get to your kind of comfort levels at the right time, but also so that no heat is wasted – including being able to detect when no one's home, so that the heating doesn't come on unnecessarily.

You also get a monthly heating report and suggestions for how you could make small changes to your heat schedule to hit green goals.

With loads of flexibility about what kind of systems Nest can be applied to (from regular boilers to underfloor heating), plus support for zonal systems, the Nest Thermostat E status as the ideal jumping-on point for smart heating makes it our Best Smart Energy Product at this year's T3 Awards 2020.

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