Quick Hit: This fidget spinner has Bluetooth so you can compete against your friends

Who can spin the most?

Do you remember fidget spinners? There was that month when every kid (and a a few adults) had one? Well Fidgetly has just announced the CTRL, and it's packing Bluetooth.

Why does a fidget spinner need Bluetooth we hear you cry?

Good question. The Fidgetly CTRL has an accelerometer and gyroscope inside, so it know how fast it's spinning and how many times it's been spun.

When synced with your phone, the CTRL app uses this data and ranks you in a leaderboard against your friends. It's like Fitbit's leaderboard basically, but the only thing you're exercising is your fingers.

It'll also create virtual games, and give you badges and achievements for completing goals. It'll even teach you tricks.

You know, it doesn't actually sound like the worst product ever made.

You can pre-order the CTRL from Fidgetly's website now. It'll begin shipping at the end of September.

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