PS5 restock: Target set for biggest stock drop of 2021 this week

"A lot of stores have 50 plus and some have over 100!"

PS5 target box
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It's been a good week for PlayStation 5 restocks across the US, and it's about to get even better. A new Target restock is scheduled to take place later this week with a reliable PS5 tracker believing it to be the biggest one from the store this year. 

Consumers have already had several great opportunities to purchase Sony's latest next-gen machine, thanks to the likes of GameStop and Walmart going live on Cyber Monday. Now Target is set to blow everything out of the water with its first major restock since November 19th, offering everything from disc and digital consoles to bundles and accessories.

Word of this particular restock originated from influencer Jake Randall, who makes a living from tracking PS5 consoles. He's also known for having a very reliable relationship when it comes to Target specifically, so that's why there's a lot of buzz. This drop is expected to take place between 6AM to 9AM ET (3AM to 6AM PT) by December 3rd (Friday). 

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According to Randall, numerous stores have been shipped upwards of 50 consoles with some receiving more than 100. Target has a history of dropping stock on either a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, so these dates do match up. This will be an online-only restock with anyone lucky enough to secure a PS5 needing to pick up the console in store. 

Lots of Xbox Series X consoles are expected to be up for sale but no Halo Infinite Limited Edition bundles will be there, again according to the influencer's comments. Something to keep in mind with Target is that they usually drop stock in waves, so the PS5 disc might go first, then the disc, and so on. If everything does drop at once, we suggest focusing your efforts towards bundles. A Target RedCard is always a handy way to keep your details locked and beat the crowd as well. 

Aside from this, try to be online ahead of time and breathe. These drops can be stressful, even more so as we gallop towards Christmas. Patience and persistence are a winning formula here. For everything else, head to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker.  

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