PS5 restock: Argos' next stock date should have you very excited

Good news for anyone trying to secure a console before Black Friday

Argos PS5
(Image credit: Argos / Sony)

Update 2:  Argos PS5 stock has now gone live. This was prepared ahead of time via the mobile app and, oddly, went live on iOS devices for iPad users only before becoming available across the board. As expected, both standard and digital consoles are available – it's a decent amount too, so don't wait! 

Check for PS5 stock on Argos now

Update: More details have now confirmed that Argos will drop its next PS5 stock on October 20th, as originally thought. This is still expected to be both disc and digital consoles, however, there has been no word on bundles yet. 

Early risers may come out on top here, as the Argos restock is scheduled to take place around 8AM BST / 7AM GMT. This was confirmed by the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account. which shared details of the drop in the first place. The social media account has been hugely dependably in the past, helping thousands secure a PS5. 

Anyone looking at getting one of the highly sought after consoles should be online 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time in case it goes ahead early. If passing, it's probably worth checking physical stores too. Good luck! 

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Original Story: Still, looking for a PlayStation 5? Well, you've come to the right place as some huge news just dropped about one of the biggest PS5 retailers on the market. Argos is now next in line to receive a large shipment of consoles, meaning anyone trying to pick one up before Black Friday might just be in luck. 

After GAME dropped a boatload of PS5 consoles on October 12th, Argos is now set to receive a shipment of its own before the end of the week. This is said to be made up of both disc and digital consoles. The last restock for the company took place on September 30th, with consumers finding success both online and in physical stores. Argos has been due a restock in October, so this information matches up with what we've experienced.

This news comes courtesy of the always reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account, which shared this exclusive news with its 176,000 plus followers. According to the account, PS5 sales at Argos will go up on October 20th. Expect an early rise, as Argos likes to put its stock live in the early morning, with the last drop taking place just before 8AM BST. 

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Outside of our general tips on the best ways to secure a PS5 console, for this particular instance, we'd recommend attending physical stores where possible. A number of online buyers previously experienced heartbreak when trying to add the device to their basket, only to find issues when coming to checkout. 

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of being able to attend physical stores, so if that's the case make sure to register an account with Argos ahead of time and keep your eyes on social media where possible. On top of that, go for bundles – specifically, ones without Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We've found these to sell out fastest. 

Next to this, Amazon looks set for another PS5 restock very soon, so that's one definitely worth being aware of as well. For anything else, make sure to head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker to find out the latest information about all upcoming drops.