PS5 crashes and bugs: Xbox Series X owners can laugh it up as there are MORE PlayStation 5 launch problems

PS5 launch sees more console crashes and bugs but rest easy: most PlayStation issues so far can be fixed, and here's how

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The PS5 has finally been released across the world and fans are getting to grips with the next generation of gaming, but the launch hasn't been without its share of problems.

Now, with the PS5 having rolled out globally, reports are emerging of alarmingly noisy fans and problems with the UHD Blu-Ray drive during game installations. Thankfully, however, some solutions may have already been identified, but new niggles are popping up, with the PS5 coil whine being the most recent.  

Cases of PS5s producing excessive noise while playing games are being reported across the internet, with numerous testimonies filling threads, on both ResetEra (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab), blaming the issue on coil whine. 

Coil whine is normally caused by vibrations as electricity passes through electrical components, but is usually inaudible. However, when it does become audible, there’s no easy fix for it.

But Frank Keienburg, game lead at Supercell, says the problem may not be related to coil whine at all, and has an easy fix! 

After partially disassembling his PS5, Keienburg discovered that a sticky label had come loose and, following its removal, the issue was resolved. Those looking to attempt this fix for themselves should consult Sony’s official PS5 teardown video, and Keienburg's tweet (opens in new tab).

Another issue, cropping up for multiple PS5 users, involves games seemingly uninstalling themselves after being installed/ copied from their Blu-Ray discs. When a game disc is inserted into the PS5, the game’s data is then copied/installed to the console’s storage, with the disc then only being required to start the game.

However, users on Reddit (opens in new tab) are reporting that if the disc is ejected immediately after the initial installation process then the game may disappear and will need to be installed again.

This is probably a software error that Sony should be able to patch at a later date but, until then, there is an installation method that is being reported as a potential solution. Reddit user Randy-Lahey35’s solution can be found here (opens in new tab).

Teething issues with newly released electronics are to be expected, and next generation consoles are no different, with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners experiencing their own problems (and that’s not to mention their wider stock issues!). 

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