Limited Edition Nintendo Switch is a must-buy after THIS stunning Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer

Nintendo reveals new Galarian Pokemon forms, rivals, and a gang that'll have you searching for the special edition consoles, and here's where you can find them

Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Sword & Shield
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Pokemon Sword & Shield Limited Edition Nintendo Lites were revealed last month alongside the three colourways for the standard handhelds, and if you have yet to pick up a Switch and are a fan - old or new - of the Pokemon series, then the latest trailer might just convince you to put your pre-order in for one of them.

Eager trainers have been given a glimpse of the competition with the unveiling of two new rivals, Bede and Marnie, as well as the debut of a new group of troublemakers, Team Yell.

And as you'd expect with the roll out of a new region, some Pokemon have unique Galar Evolutions, like Linoone, Zigzagoon's Galarian Form. You can take  a look for yourself in the trailer:

The new titbits sit alongside everything Nintendo has already revealed about the game, including the two new Legendary Pokemon, Zacian and Zamazenta, featuring in Sword and Shield respectively. 

The Legendary Pokemon will also be emblazoned across the gorgeous Pokemon Sword & Shield Limited Edition Switch Lite consoles that will be launching on November 8, just a couple of weeks after the standard edition releases on September 20.

Some retailers have been quicker to get their pre-order pages live than others, and surprisingly, Amazon has been pipped to the post what with the absence of a Nintendo Switch Lite Limited Edition page altogether.

But you can still get your orders in elsewhere, and here's which UK retailers you can flock to to make sure you get your swanky new handheld in time for the game's launch on November 15:

Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Sword & Shield

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Smyths - Nintendo Switch Lite Console - Zacian & Zamazenta Edition
Smyths Toys' pre-orders are open for Nintendo Switch Lite in the Limited Edition silver with cyan and magenta buttons to represent the two new Legendary Pokemon. 

You can pre-order now for £199.99 with Smyths Pre-order Price Promise to make sure you get the lowest possible price on the console between now and the shipping date. View Deal

Littlewoods - Nintendo Switch Lite Console - Zacian & Zamazenta Edition
We're not sure what Littlewoods is thinking, but the website is listing the Limited Edition Switch Lite as £259.99 - £60 more than Smyths.

Littlewoods is one of two UK retailers that has pre-orders for the Pokemon Sword & Shield console open right now, so if Smyths somehow runs out, you're desperate, and you just can't wait for everyone else so catch up, this should be your last resort.View Deal

The standard models are currently priced at £199.99 pretty much everywhere, so either Smyths is offering a very big discount, or Littlewoods is overcharging and everyone else's pre-orders for the Limited Edition will have the same price tag as the yellow, turquoise, and grey models.

Either way, you're not going to get cheaper than Smyths right now, and with more game details inevitably being shared in the run up to November, it's best to pre-order and snag that price guarantee, just in case, if you like the look of what you're seeing.

Shabana Arif
Shabana Arif

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