New issue of T3 magazine on sale NOW! Kickstart your smart home with T3’s tech essentials

Discover the best smart home buys from just £39 in the new issue - plus, the best 4K TV and movies, and we go to space!

Looking to upgrade your pad with some great smart home gear? The brand new issue of T3 Magazine looks at the best ‘first buys’ to kickstart your smart home, as well as great next buys for those who’ve already got started – and all are affordable, ranging from £39 to £180. On top of that, we explain all the ways to get your various home tech working together to make it truly smart, and which voice control options is right for you, so you can really feel like you’re living in future.

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Also this issue, we sent a copy of T3 Magazine to space (with the latest action cameras along for the ride). How did we do it? Find out in our feature in the issue, because it turns out, anyone can send something up, without spending NASA money.

And there’s lots of other stuff in the issue, of course. Our giant State of the Art supertest pits the latest ultraportable laptops against each other – will the new Apple MacBook, Microsoft Surface Laptop, or HP Envy x360 be your next thin and light? Our complete guide to watching 4K TV shows you how to get the most from your awesome Ultra HD, HDR TV with the best 4K content. And speaking of 4K, the new 21.5-inch Retina iMac proves to be something of a stunner.

Plus, we review robo-lawnmowers and the weird but excellent HTC U11 flagship phone, as well as picking out the best tech to make you smarter and help with studying. We also show you how to control all your home entertainment tech with your smartphone, and look at the perfect set-up for ripping your music collection to high-res audio for music nirvana. And loads more!

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