Man has phone destroyed by chickens, wins gold iPhone

The hen is mightier than the sword, on admittedly slow news day

I actually spent last Friday judging theJames Dyson Award 2015. But that's nothing compared to the pride I feel in being able to say I "judged" the #brokemyphone competition. And this guy won!

Glenn Watson, as well as being a part-time hen owner and full-time Jimmy Sommerville lookalike, is now the winner of the second most prestigious prize in smartphones.

Basically, Glenn and 250 other people sent in photos of their broken mobiles with stories of how they'd come to be wrecked. Glenn's was, in the highly expert opinion of the judges, including myself, the most knackered device, with the most amusing backstory: that it had literally been pecked to near-death by hens, then savaged by an unruly cock.

“I put my phone on the garden chair in the hen run," says Royal Fleet Auxiliary man Glenn. He forgot his iPhone 4S, and returned to find that, "The hens were all gathered around acting a bit frantic. By the time I got to the phone, which by this point was not on the chair but on the ground being attacked, the cockerel decided it was my turn and turned against me."

We've all been there, right?

But instead of cursing his luck, then paying £65 for the phone to be fixed or £280 to replace it, Glenn entered it into #brokemyphone. Thanks to me, he won a £3,200 very special iPhone 6 encrusted with "Swarovski-style" crystals and "embellished" with 24-carat gold.

That was courtesy of competition runner, who are not even paying me, and dons of the pimped iPhone, Goldgenie.

Also in the running for the top prize, but less favoured by myself, were Natasha Chatten from Essex, whose phone fell between the seats in a taxi (?), and Marium Arshad from Leicester, who put her phone in the washing machine. Yeesh.

To be honest, I really wanted this guy to win, just because of the pic. Dylan from Bristol's tale of broken-phone woe? "Can't really remember... but it was New Year's Eve."

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