Get a cheap fan from Amazon today – up to 70% off!

Cheap and cooling fans have arrived courtesy of these Amazon deals

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With the temperature constantly rising since the end of last week and hitting crazy highs in some areas (hello, London), we all crave for some coolness, especially if we work or live in a building with no air conditioning. We might not wish autumn to come any sooner than it has to but that doesn't mean we would like to bake in our dwellings. 

In case you missed out on ventilation deals during Amazon Prime Day, fear not, the online retail giant has us covered with some more cool deals. Pun is very much intended. 

(And don't forget our best fan (opens in new tab) round-up, or our guide to the best Dyson fans (opens in new tab) too. You'll find all the leading fans – and today's lowest prices – in both articles.) 

Up to 25% off on fans on Amazon (opens in new tab)

You can also get up to 30% off swimming pools and hot tubs at Amazon today (opens in new tab)

At the time of this writing, there are 6 fans included in the up-to 25 per cent sale on Amazon. That being said, only one fan falls under this description because believe it or not, the rest of the fan deals are actually up to 72 per cent (!) off.

Amazon tells us that sales of certain electric fans, including the Bionaire Mini Tower Fan (opens in new tab) and Igenix Pedestal Fan (opens in new tab), have risen by over 250% week-on-week, and select facial water mist sprays, such as the Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray (opens in new tab), have seen sales rise by over 700% week-on-week.

If you can't find anything you fancy on the Amazon discounted fan list, head over to Currys, who has a Currys fan sale on too (not surprisingly).

Below is the list of fans you can get for a discounted price.

Q-Connect KF00407 Tower Fan 760 mm/30 Inch | Sale price £25.99 | Was 59.79 | Save £33.80 (57%) (opens in new tab)
This tower fan can oscillate in 90 degrees and also suitable for large offices. It also has adjustable settings.

Q-Connect 300mm/12 inch Desktop Fan | Sale price £13.95 | was £49.99 | save £37.50 (72%) (opens in new tab)
This handy automatic oscillating fan can sit on your desk and has three adjustable seed settings. Can't go wrong with this one.

Bionaire Oscillating Mini Tower Fan with Timer & Ioniser | Sale price £29.99 | was 34.99 | save £5 (14%) (opens in new tab)
This table top tower fan has a decibel rating of 46 and comes with a built-in ioniser too to Keep the air fresh and odourless.

Bionaire Height Adjustable Standing Floor Fan with Remote Control | Sale price £54.99 | was £79.99 | save £25 (31%) (opens in new tab)
This fan sports dual blades which increases air flow by 20 per cent. It is also height adjustable between 90-122 cm (35-48 inches).

Bionaire High Performance Stand Fan | Sale price £47.99 | was £64.99 | save £17 (26%) (opens in new tab)
The DC motor uses less energy than the traditional AC motors making this fan more eco-friendly. LED indicator shows selected speed level.

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function | Sale price £49.99 | was £83.99 | save £34 (40%) (opens in new tab)
A tower fan with a LED display, timer function and 3 different wind modes: choose between normal, natural breeze and sleeping.

Honeywell HYF1101E1 3 Speed, Comfort Control Cooling Tower Fan | Sale price £41.99 | was £57.99 | save £16 (28%) (opens in new tab)
The carrying handle makes this Honeywell fan highly portable. Recommended for medium sized rooms.

Dyson fans

In case you are more into Dyson fans (opens in new tab) (we definitely wouldn't blame you, we are big fan of Dyson products here at T3), here are some options to consider:

And here is a novelty one for you, too: the Fancii Small Personal USB Fan (opens in new tab) might be a compact device but if the reviews are anything to go by, this little fan delivers a punch. It is also £9.01 off at the moment, retailing at £15.99. Limited time only!

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