iPhone 13 release date may have been revealed by Sky Mobile

A not-so-subtle hint has appeared on its website

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Update: we now have the official invite, full details our dedicated Apple Event September 2021 guide.

It looks like mobile operator Sky has dropped a rather heavy hint on the date the new iPhone 13,  iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Mini  will be released. In a post on its website it is inviting customers to “register before 14 September to get access to a special Sky Mobile offer”. Now, obviously, this could be any old phone, but the date fits best with the new iPhone, which usually launches on the second Tuesday in September. 

Sky is, of course, making some effort to cover its tracks on the pre-release information. Apple won’t allow anyone to mention official launch dates ahead of it sending the invitation out, which could happen later today, as we’re not around a week away from the big day. So Sky’s page has the most generic box we’ve ever seen and no clear mention of the devices due. 

Sky Mobile screenshot

(Image credit: Sky Mobile)

However, The Express noted that the web page does have some more clues that this is all iPhone related. The HTML title for the page has a specific mention of “Find about Apple latest products and events including release date, iOS updates and phone deals with Sky Mobile”. Of course that could be a mistake, but we suspect it’s not, given all we know about Apple’s usual routine. 

Of course, the biggest question around the iPhone launch date isn’t the announcement itself, it’s when the phones will be available. And, this year, if demand will massively outstrip availability. There is currently a global shortage of almost all desirable hardware that uses processors. Apple may be somewhat insulated against this because it books production capacity shrewdly, and designs its own processors. However the cost of memory might play a part in delays or higher prices for the new devices. 

And the actual release date will also depend on the device. The iPhone 13 will likely be the first to go on sale, the iPhone 13 Max might be slightly later and we’re assuming that an iPhone 13 mini will appear at some point. Or, perhaps this year everything will appear at the same time?

We’ll make sure you get the official notification as soon as it appears – check out Apple Event for everything we know about what’s happening and when. 

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