How to record your screen in Windows 11

Want to live capture your screen in Windows? Here's how to record

Screen record on a Windows 10 laptop
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Want to live record your use of an app when using Windows 10 or Windows 11? Here's how.

Fortunately it's nice and easy, as the functionality is baked into Microsoft's operating system - meaning you don't need to buy any additional screen-recording software. 

Here's how to go about using the Xbox Game Bar tool to make real-time capture of your screen in Windows.

Xbox Game Bar

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Screen record: Load up Xbox Game Bar

First thing's first: load the app you intend to use and record. This process can't record a Windows desktop.

Then press and hold the Windows key + G. 

This will load Xbox Game Bar, a baked-in recording tool in both Windows 10 and Windows 11, that can be used for much more than gaming. 

As you can see from the picture above, this is your screen recording hub, with plenty of easy-to-use tools available. 

Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar record

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Hit the record button

Within Xbox Game Bar there's a little window called Capture, which is where the 'Start recording' button lives. 

Hit this to commence recording. Alternatively pressing the Windows key + Alt + R will perform the same function. 

There's also a 'Turn mic on whilst recording' option, which controls your mic recording.

Note: the recording will take the specific app that's open and 'up top', it won't permit you to tab between multiple apps. 

Windows 10 screen record

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How to save and source

Xbox Game Pass' tools all vanish when you click into the active app and commence recording - with the exception of a small floating window, which maintains the runtime, 'Stop Recording' button, and a 'Turn Microphone On/Off' control.

Once you hit the stop button you'll get a pop-up saying 'Game clip recorded'. It needn't be a game, of course, it can be any app you please, just not the actual Windows OS itself. 

Where can you find these recorded files? Pressing the Windows key + G will reload Xbox Game Bar, where there's a preview collection of all your captures. To the top of this is an 'Open in File Explorer' button, which will open the relevant folder. 

Typically this will be located in: This PC: Local disk: Users: <user>: Videos: Captures. Saves are .MP4 file types. 

That's it, simple as that, so go get recording! 

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