Nothing Launcher now available on Android – but there's a catch

Want to try out Nothing's OS design? The Beta is available, but only for specific Android models. Here's how to get it.

Nothing Launcher Beta three screengrabs
(Image credit: Nothing)

The Nothing Phone (1) is coming, this much we know. But until then you can now get hold of the company's Nothing Launcher in Beta.

Or, that is, you might be able to download the Nothing Launcher Beta for your Android phone – but there's a catch, as it's only available for a select number of devices.

What phones will Nothing Launcher Beta run on?

That's the big question, so brace yourselves. Right now Nothing Launcher Beta will only operate with the following devices: 

In the near future it will also be coming to OnePlus, though Nothing has not specified whether that is for the full range of OnePlus devices.

How do I download Nothing Launcher Beta?

Assuming you have one of the above listed Android devices it's pretty easy: 

Go to Google Play Store and search 'Nothing Launcher (Beta)

Go to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Default Home App

Select the Nothing Launcher and, boom, off you go!

What is Nothing Launcher and why should I care?

Good question. Nothing Launcher is effectively an Android reskin that brings Nothing OS graphics, animations, widgets and design language. Like a Nothing Phone (1) preview, if you will.

This includes Max Icons and Max Folders, Bespoke Clock and Weather widgets, and Nothing Wallpaper.

Go check it out... if you have the correct phone and, indeed, want Nothing's theme on your device!

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