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Okay, people, it's time to get real. Home workouts are convenient and all, but for most people, finding the space at home where you can work out uninterrupted is almost impossible. Hence why going to the gym is still an option you should consider if you want to "get away from it all", at least temporarily. And if you're toying with the idea of signing up for the gym, we have an awesome offer for you: at Fitness First, you can have your first month for free without any joining fee.

• First month for free PLUS no joining fee at Fitness First, use the code FF2021, offer ends 15 September!

But that's not all! There is another offer where you can have three months half price plus no joining fee. There is a code for this, too, just follow the link below.

• Get three months for half price PLUS no joining fee at Fitness First, use the code PUTYOURFITNESSFIRST

Take this offer as a trial period where you can decide whether or not you are actually committed to the cause of getting yourself beach body-ready. And, quite frankly, you should be, as sculpting a body that's worthy of shirtless endeavours on the beach takes time. It's not enough to do some crunches and pushups half an hour before you hit the beach. No, you have to put the work in now and reap the benefits in June next year.

Fitness First membership

Get your first month of gym membership for free PLUS no joining fee at Fitness First | Use the code FF2021
Fancy going to the gym now that they reopened? Why not give Fitness First a try? Get access to up to 45 clubs nationwide and choose from over 1,000 classes a week – all bookable in advance, train with the latest and greatest equipment and get the coaching and support you need for your specific goals with our personal trainers. Offer ends 15 September!

Why should you join Fitness First?

Fitness First is a commercial gym chain that consists of 45 fitness clubs throughout England and Wales and "encourages everyone to be all kinds of active". Commercial gyms tend to be rigid and uninviting, but Fitness First emphasises creating an atmosphere in its gyms where no one feels excluded.

And let's face it, meatheads steer clear away from commercial gyms, so, in a Fitness First gym, no one should feel intimidated by mountains of muscles walking around in the gym, judging you for not performing each exercise with a full range of motion. Just put your workout earbuds on and focus on having a great time.

• First month free PLUS no joining fee at Fitness First, use the code FF2021, offer ends 15 September!

Need even more inspiration? Our very own Lee Bell recently tried Fitness First's "most demanding and competitive” HIIT class yet and had this to say about his experience:

"What I truly loved about this workout, though, was that each station is focused only on low-impact exercises. There is no jumping or running, meaning, while I was still hardly chilled by the end, it didn’t leave me feeling like I’d had a sledgehammer to my knees as some heavy HIIT classes do."

• Get three months for half price PLUS no joining fee at Fitness First, use the code PUTYOURFITNESSFIRST

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and save money on your new gym membership. Easy as that.

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