Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde review (early verdict): HP09 is Dyson's best air purifier fan yet

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde has features you never knew you needed and arrives in time for allergy season

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde
(Image credit: Dyson)

Allergy season is here, as the temperatures rise and pollen and animal hair start getting nasty. Just in time, Dyson is rolling out the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde. Also known by the code name HP09, it's probably the best air purifier Dyson has made to date, with new features and even better all-round build and design quality than its previous efforts.

I've only had this one three days so I can't tell you much about its longevity but I can  say that the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is very well put together and, as far as I can tell, it cleans the air most effectively. As usual, Dyson has put together a range of new features for this machine, many of which you never you knew you needed.

Foremost among these is the detection and removal of formaldehyde. Prior to receiving this machine, I was under the impression that formaldehyde was something used in the embalming process. However, it is also a noxious gas given off by plastics, paints, varnishes and cleaning products and, apparently, notoriously hard to detect and purify. 

It's a busy time for Dyson, who only recently announced the V15 Detect cordless vacuum cleaner. That device also made a big deal of air filtration and detection of what's lurking in your home. But let's have a look at the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde first.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde HP09: release date and price

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

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In the UK Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde costs £599 and is on sale now. 

• Buy Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde now for £599 with two-year parts and labour guarantee

• In the USA, the cost is $749.99 from May 6 2021

• In Australia, the cost will be $999 from May 27

Dyson Pure Cool Formaldehyde TP09: release date and price

Dyson Pure Cool Formaldehyde

(Image credit: Dyson)

According to the replacement filter section of the Dyson website there will also be a Dyson Pure Cool Formaldehyde, ie: the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde without the heating part. It looks taller and sexier but we don't have any details beyond that. It could also just be an error on the Dyson site, of course.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde: features

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

Dyson's new purifying fan is built around this Star Wars-esque filter array

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As its name suggests, Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is an air purifier, heater and cooling fan. And one, we might add, that also removes the dreaded formaldehyde. It's the successor to Pure Hot + Cool, which was already the best Dyson fan for all-year usefulness. 

Dyson has larded this one up with an even more advanced filtration system than its previous air purifiers. Not only does it have a HEPA filter, but the entire machine is sealed to the HEPA standard. The particle, NO2, VOCs, temperature and humidity sensors of the old Pure Hot + Cool are joined by an 'intelligent formaldehyde sensor'  that 'does not dry out' – this is an issue with lesser formaldehyde sensors. 

Okay, I can't really translate this bit so I am just going to quote from the press release: 'Dyson’s Selective Catalytic Oxidisation (SCO) filter continuously destroys formaldehyde at a  molecular level. The catalytic filter has a unique coating, with the same structure as the  Cryptomelane mineral. Its billions of atom-sized tunnels are the optimal size and shape to trap and  destroy formaldehyde, breaking it down into tiny amounts of water and CO2 . It then regenerates from oxygen in the air to keep destroying it continuously without ever requiring replacement.'

That's a very long-winded and impressive way of saying, 'It filters out formaldehyde'.

In addition, this multi-purpose air mover can heat the room to a temperature of your choosing and cool it down (a bit) via Dyson's non-buffeting fan. Operation is via an app, or a chic little remote, which matches the Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde's golden hue. 

Is Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde any good?

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

The gold colour is not going to be to everyone's taste

(Image credit: Dyson)

Air purifiers are a hard thing to 'review' if you don't have access to a laboratory. I know that Dyson tests their kit at great length and to a standard they claim exceeds the statutory norm. So for now I am going to have to take it on trust that the Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is filtering out allergens, particles, gases and, yes, formaldehyde to a high standard.

Aesthetically, it has the standard Dyson heater/fan look and your only colour choice is the gold and white shown here. Dyson's purifier fans with a heating element are invariably more squat than those without a heating option, and my first impression was that the new model is less attractive than the old Pure Cool, which is taller and in silver and white. 

However, being more compact has its advantages, and the gold and white is pretty subtle as gold-based colour schemes go.

If you can live with the looks, I don't think you'll be disappointed by Dyson's new baby. Everything about it feels well engineered, and a step up on their previous fans.

The filter comes in four parts, which immediately gave me the fear that fitting it in place would be laborious and fiddly. How wrong I was though; everything snaps into place in a very satisfying manner, and the covers go back on easily too. 

Dyson's Link app was quite a buggy and unwieldy thing in its early years, but Dyson has really honed this too. Pairing with an iPhone took under a minute and everything connected first time, which would not have been the case a few generations back.

Once the app is up and running, it duplicates the functions of the remote, and it's at that point that I tend to lose the remote under the sofa and never worry about it again. You can also check the remaining life of your filter and set periods when the purifier is 'sleeping'. Such as, for instance, when you are 'sleeping'. 

You can also precisely set the two points between which the fan will oscillate, without having to get up and move the base, which is remarkably satisfying. The range of oscillation can also be varied between 45º and a near-full circle.

Dyson Link app

You set the fan's oscillation by dragging the little circle

(Image credit: Dyson)

Another noticeable improvement over previous Dyson purifier/heater/fans is reduced noise. Certainly when it's on full blast you still won't want to sleep next to it, even though maximum volume has been cut from 64dB to 61dB. However, it's bearable in the lounge with the TV on, and at lower power settings Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is really pretty quiet.

The best thing to do with this air purifier is to leave it on auto mode and let it do its thang. I found that cooking, cleaning, lighting a candle, extinguishing a candle and using embalming fluids all reliably sent the machine whirring into action. More importantly, it returned the air to a more pristine state quickly.

We need to be realistic about this. If you cook some steaks on a searingly high temperature grill pan and fill the room with meaty smoke, this Dyson is not going to magically clear that on its own – or at least not until you conclude cooking and open a window. However for everyday air fouling, unwelcome particles from pets and people, cleaning chemicals and so on, it's great.

The heating function also works well – just set the room temperature you desire and it'll keep working till that's reached. You can also set the rate at which it pumps out air, to keep the volume down if necessary. The fan, too, is very pleasing. 

Should you buy the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde?

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde

Air quality, temperature and humidity can be monitored on that little, round screen or on Dyson's app

(Image credit: Dyson)

If you have been waiting for Dyson to achieve Peak Fan, the Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is it. It does everything you could reasonably wish for from a fan, looks as good as you could reasonably expect and will provide peace of mind that your air is clean. Whether you even knew you needed formaldehyde removed from your home is not important here; the overall quality of the product is.

• The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Formaldehyde is available now in white and gold for £599 and comes with a two-year parts and labour guarantee

In the USA, the cost is $749.99 from May 6 2021

In Australia, the cost will be $999 from May 27