DJI appears to confirm Mavic 3 Pro and the Action 2 release dates... plus a THIRD mystery launch

Is it a pro DJI camera?

DJI image close up of 'record button'
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Drone titan DJI has teased the launch of not one, not two but three new products over the next few weeks, and the rumour mill is in overdrive as to what those launches might be. We're pretty confident as to the identity of two of the devices – the DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone and the DJI Action 2 action cam – but beyond that we're stumped, although there's plenty of speculation amongst fans.

A tweet appeared on DJI's account with the comment 'Good Things Come in Threes.' along with three dates – October 20th, October 27th, November 5th –  also shown in a graphic with icons hinting at what each launch could be.

The release that's garnered the most interest is the DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone, which we think is the November 5 release. The icon for this one's pretty cryptic, although typically reliable DJI leaker Jasper Ellens says it represents the new Mavic 3 battery. That launch date is earlier than previous reports, which predicted the launch for 15 November, but it makes sense that DJI would want to save the most anticipated release until last. As the brand behind almost all of today's best drones, the stakes are pretty high on this one – and the most recent Mavic 3 Pro leaks look very exciting indeed.

DJI product release tweet showing three dates

(Image credit: DJI via Twitter)

We're expecting the 27 Oct launch to be the DJI Action 2 action camera. All the speculation thus far points to a modular design, which would fit with that pin graphic shown in the tweet. As with the Mavic 3 Pro, there have been multiple leaks relating to this upcoming action cam. Alongside the modular design and 27 Oct launch date (predicted before DJI put out its tweet), we've seen what looks like the manual and an apparently accidental reveal of its packaging in a YouTube video, now edited but with screenshots still on Twitter

DroneXL says the cam will come in two versions – a Dual Screen Combo and Power Combo – and will offer 4K video at 120fps with a 155-degrees field of view, along with horizon levelling baked in, and waterproofing up to 30ft. They also mention the camera itself, as well as its accessories, will be 'magnetic' to enable different combinations – a major point of difference from the likes of today's best GoPros.

But what of the first release, on 20 Oct? The graphic – a 'Record' button – isn't too helpful – after all, there are plenty of gadgets that record video in DJI's lineup. But the brand has followed up with a Tweet detailing the livesteam info, a comment that confirms it's from the Pro line, and a very dark image that doesn't really give much more away. 

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Follow the link, and there's a page that confirms the new product is related to filmmaking. There are a few ideas swirling around, but the rumour we're most inclined to belive is that it'll be a more professional-level camera, like this beast shared by OstaLV back in August.

Whatever the launches turn out to be, we'll be keeping you updated on all the latest when we have more information.

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