Best GPS dog tracker 2021: GPS collars and trackers for dogs

Always know where your furry friend is with these GPS collars and trackers

Best GPS dog tracker
(Image credit: Weenect)

Keeping track of our beloved dogs helps put our minds at rest, and can also be pretty fun too. Ever wondered what they get up to when you’re out of the house, how much activity they’re doing, or simply want to keep a log of your daily walkies? 

That's what a dog GPS tracker can do for you. You’ll be able to monitor exactly what your dog is doing, and never have that panicked feeling when Fido has run off to chase a squirrel, or if the cat hasn’t come home for tea yet - bonus. 

Here in this list, we round up some of the best tech available for keeping tabs on your pet, with gadgets that will help you find them, track their activity and more. 

There are devices here that will suit a range of budgets too - but it’s probably always worth spending as much as you can afford when it comes to your furry friends.

Best GPS dog tracker: Pawfit 2

(Image credit: Pawfit)

1. Pawfit 2

The best GPS dog tracker: Keep your pooch healthy and safe

Reasons to buy
+GPS location+Activity monitor+Set activity goals+Virtual fence+Waterproof and dust proof
Reasons to avoid
-Subscription plan needed

The Pawfit 2 is well-rounded device with a great list of features that will help to put your mind at rest. 

This small device can present accurate updates of your pet’s location, monitors their movement and shows them to you as steps, distance, calories burned, active and rest hours. You can even set activity goals for your pet, with recommendations included based on the pet’s breed and weight. 

If your dog should wander off, you get features such as a virtual fence so you’ll receive an alert to the Pawfit app on your phone, while anyone who finds your dog can press the power button to hear a voice recording of your pet’s ID to help reunite you. You’ll also get an alert should the collar be removed.

The Pawfit 2 is designed to withstand anything your pet can throw at it, with a waterproof, dustproof and bite proof construction. The battery can last up to 6 days, with a 2.5 hour recharge time. 

The downside of the Pawfit 2 is that as well as the initial outlay cost of the device, you will also need a subscription plan. These start at £3.59 a month, but there are different plans available.

Best GPS dog tracker: Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs or Cats

(Image credit: Tractive)

2. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

Track you dog or your cat

Reasons to buy
+Virtual fence+Fitness tracking+Spare batteries
Reasons to avoid
-Subscription cost

Available in models for either your canine or feline friend, the Tractive GPS tracker is another all-round model which comes with a good range of different features. 

It includes live tracking and location history, so you can keep an eye on their most visited places. You can create a “virtual fence” so that you’ll get an instant notification if your pet leaves the area - a great bonus for dogs with a habit for escaping. 

If you’re keen to keep an eye on your pet’s fitness, the Tractive includes activity monitoring, which you can access via the associated smartphone app. The Dog GPS tracker battery lasts for 2-5 days, with spares available so that you can always ensure the tracker is powered up and ready to go. A full-charge of the battery takes only two hours. 

This is another device that requires a small subscription fee, this time starting at £3.75 a month.

Best GPS dog tracker: Weenect Dogs 2

(Image credit: Weenect)

3. Weenect Dogs 2

The smallest GPS dog tracker

Reasons to buy
+Small and light+100 countries covered+Smartphone app
Reasons to avoid
-Short battery life-Subscription

The Weenect claims to be the smallest GPS tracker in the world, which is particularly useful if your dog is of the medium or small variety. 

With no distance limit, you can follow your dog from your phone (iOS and Android), and there’s more than 100 countries covered. The tracker sends its position continuously - either once per minute while the animal is moving, or every 5 minutes if the dog is still. 

Battery life is rated at 2 to 4 days, depending on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the network coverage. You can fully charge the battery in 2 hours when it runs out, nd you’ll get a notification when the battery is starting to run low. 

Like many of the other trackers here, you will need a subscription to match the supplied SIM card. Prices here start at €3.75 a month.

Battery life is rated at 2 to 4 days, depending on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the network coverage. You can fully charge the battery in 2 hours when it runs out, and you’ll get a notification when the battery is starting to run low. 

Best GPS dog tracker: PETFON GPS tracker

(Image credit: Petfon)

4. PETFON GPS tracker

A stylish dog tracker from Petfon

Reasons to buy
+Looks good+Uses GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth+No monthly subscription+Lighting
Reasons to avoid
-Not the longest range-Short battery

This smart little tracker combines GPS, WiFi, bluetooth and long-distance wireless tech to provide accurate real-time position. Unlike the others here, it’s free of any monthly subscription fee - though the initial outlay is higher than some. 

It is capable of tracking ranges up to 0.65 miles in dense space, or 3.5 miles in more open environments, you can also create geofencing around your pet’s safe area - an alert will be sent to your phone should pet leave it. 

A nifty feature is the ability to activate colourful lights on the GPS tracker to help you find your pooch while out after dark - particularly handy in the winter months. Voice commands can be recorded and stored on the PETFon so you can communicate with your pets remotely. 

Battery life here is a little lower than some of the others, at 8-16 hours, but it also comes with a compact charging station which can recharge the device several times - making it ideal for camping and holidays. The tracker is rainproof, but not waterproof, so it’s not ideal for dogs who like to go swimming in rivers and lakes etc. 

Although one of the more expensive pet trackers here, the PETFON has a good range of features, and with no subscription fee to worry about, it’ll only take a couple of years before it becomes better value than the cheaper options.

Best GPS dog tracker: Loc8tor TabCat Cat Tracker

(Image credit: Loc8tor)

5. Loc8tor TabCat Cat Tracker

Track cats and small dogs

Reasons to buy
+More accurate than GPS+No monthly subscription
Reasons to avoid
-No app-Shorter range

The TabCat claims to be more accurate than GPS by using Radio Frequency technology - meaning you an even find your pet when it’s hiding in your house, garden, or neighbouring gardens. That means if your cat is trapped up a tree, in a garage or shed, you’ll have better luck finding it - it’s said to be accurate to within 2.5cm/1inch. 

Another plus point s that the tab is small and lightweight, making it easy to attach to your pet’s collar. It’s got a protective silicon splash-proof case which should protect it against poor weather, as well as keeping it safe from any small knocks or bumps. 

With this device, you paid it with a handset which picks up the signal from the cats homing tag. As you get closer, lights go from red to amber, and then green with supporting audio signals. The range here is up to 122 metres or 400 feet, so it’s best used when you already have a rough idea of where the cat might be.

Since this tracker is not as sophisticated as those with a GPS signal to pinpoint exact locations, you won’t need any costly subscription fees with the TabCat.

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