The best 5 Prime Day soundbar deals for under £200

These Prime Day soundbar deals will give your TV an instant audio upgrade, from £59 up to £179!

Best Prime Day soundbar deals
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Soundbars are among the most popular home upgrades right now, so it's no surprise to see some great buys among the best Prime Day deals. Half the draw of soundbars is that they're cheaper than a speaker system (as well as being much less hassle, and taking up much less space) – and now they're even cheaper again!

Our list of the best soundbars tends to be dominated by big, bold and cinematic Dolby Atmos soundbars, which can push back towards being more premium purchases. But for most people, those are too big, and maybe a lot louder and more powerful than you really need. A lot of the best-selling models on stores like Amazon are the smaller and cheaper models, so that's what we've focused on in this round-up of soundbars deals that are part of Prime Day.

The problem with cheaper models can be that they come from unknown brands, and you're taking a gamble with whether they're any good. Not here – these deals are all from companies with excellent track records, and are perfect for giving your TV some extra clarity for speech, and depth for movie soundtracks.

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Panasonic SC-HTB200 soundbar | RRP: £99 | Now: £59 | Save: £40 (40%) at Amazon UK
If you've got a smaller TV, this could be the ideal soundbar for you. It's just 45cm wide, and at 5.1cm tall will fit in front of most TVs without obscuring the screen. Two full range drivers provide 80W of stereo sound, while the HDMI ARC connection means you can connect it to compatible TVs with that cable and just use your TV remote to control – no setup required. It also has Bluetooth built in for music streaming. It even has different sound modes, so you can get it just right depending on what you're viewing. The only downside from such a compact unit is that it can't deliver truly rich bass for movie soundtracks. If that bothers you, then just read the next deal…View Deal

Panasonic SC-HTB258 soundbar with wireless subwoofer | RRP: £149 | Now: £104 | Save: £45 (30%) at Amazon UK
What if you could have the soundbar above, but with a wireless subwoofer to add extra thump to movies? Well then you'd have this deal right here. The subwoofer adds an additional 40W of low-end power, and is made in a slimline design, so it's easy to hide next to your TV unit, or under a shelf (or even your sofa). The soundbar and subwoofer will connect right out of the box, so it's not any more complicated than setting up the soundbar alone, really.View Deal

Polk Audio React soundbar with Alexa | RRP: £249 | Now: £179 | Save: £70 (28%) at Amazon UK
It's a soundbar! It's a smart speaker! It's both, thanks to a full-on version of Alexa being built in. You can do anything with this soundbar that you can with an Echo, but it's also a really impressive TV speaker. Our full Polk Audio React review says: "it comfortably outperforms its price tag, and is a great option if you're looking at this budget level" – and that was referring to its original price! You can even add a very well-priced subwoofer and wireless rear speakers later, to upgrade the whole experience. View Deal

Hisense HS214 soundbar | RRP: £129 | Now: £85.99 | Save:  £43.01 (33%) at Amazon UK
At 65cm wide, this still fits with fairly small TVs, but has a bit more opportunity to provide real width to its stereo audio. You've got HDMI ARC, optical and a regular 3.5mm connection for getting sound in, as well as Bluetooth. It has a nice and simple three sound modes: Movie mode for a full movie soundstage; News mode for emphasising dialogue more; and Music mode for getting the most from tunes.View Deal

Samsung S41T soundbar | RRP: £199 | Now: £149 | Save: £50 (25%) at Amazon UK
Packing 100W of power into a stereo system, this is a smart-looking soundbar that packs a real punch. Its four-speaker array is capable of impressive dynamic range, which is again customisable with different sound modes. The one thing to note, though, is that this doesn't include HDMI connectivity at all. If your TV doesn't support HDMI ARC, that's no problem! But we would generally suggest you use HDMI ARC if you can, so for most people, we'd recommend the Polk Audio. But if you like the design of this and are happy with optical, it's a good deal.View Deal

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