Awesome Vodafone broadband deal delivers fast internet for cheap

This Vodafone broadband deal delivers cheap and fast fibre

Vodafone broadband deals
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Each week T3 searches out the best broadband deals in the UK, as we want it to be as easy as possible for people to get fast and cheap internet in their home.

And this excellent fibre broadband deal from Vodafone does just that, delivering an internet connection with an average download speed of 63Mbs for £23.95 per month, which as can be seen in the below deals chart, is incredibly competitive.

That 63Mb average connection speed absolutely smokes the maximum requirement for 4K, HDR streaming from Netflix, meaning you can enjoy The Witcher as it was meant to be viewed, and will also allow fast downloading of large files, as well as lag-free multiplayer online gaming, too. This is why we think this broadband deal is attractive — it delivers strong average download speeds for a low cost.

The full details of the Vodafone fibre broadband deal can be viewed below:

Vodafone broadband | Average speed: 63Mbs | 18-month contract | £23.95 p/m | Available now
We like reliable, fast broadband here at T3, and this new broadband deal from Vodafone absolutely delivers that. A 63Mbs average download speed means you'll never have to worry when streaming high-resolution content online, and not have to wait days to download large files, either.View Deal

If you like the sound of this Vodafone fibre broadband deal, but want to browse what other offers on the market today, then be sure to check out T3's awesome deals comparison engine below, which lets you search for the best plans available in your area.

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