Arc'teryx launches ReBird initiative to extend the life of your outdoor kit

Including Arc'teryx's first ever range of limited edition, upcycled clothing, created from spare fabric

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Canadian outdoors brand Arc’teryx has launched a new initiative, known as ReBird, that's dedicated to promoting a more sustainable, 'circular' approach. The initiative is triple-pronged, incorporating elements of upcycling, reselling and repair, to the extend the life of its products and materials. Arc'teryx is a regular in our best waterproof jackets and best hiking boots guides, and we're pleased to see it joining the ranks of outdoors brands that are embracing a more sustainable approach. 

To start with, the brand is making better use of its spare fabric by transforming it into cool, custom new products. It has launched its first ever upcycled range, made using end-of-the-roll fabric as well as 'post consumer materials' (i.e. fabrics from gear that's been 'worn beyond optimum function'). Fjallraven launched a similar initiative earlier in the year, and we were big fans of those cool, patchwork designs. At the moment you can pick up the lightweight, packable and limited edition Arc’teryx Stowe Windshell jacket in a range of colourways, as well as custom totes and pouches (check out the range here).

Arc'teryx ReBird products

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On the 'resell' front, Arc’teryx is putting together a USED GEAR platform (already available in the US and Canada) where customers can sell used gear they no longer need to someone who can make use of it. Customers can trade in their old clothing in exchange for a gift card, and the brand will clean it up, repair where required, and list it on the Arc’teryx resale site to give it a new lease of life with a different owner.

Finally, there's the 'care and repair element. As well as a dedication to creating great quality products that will naturally last a good long time, and Arc’teryx is encouraging its fans to repair rather than replace when things do start to wear out (there are some tips here). Many of its products come with a warranty and there's also a paid repair service for older gear that's in need of some sprucing up. 

ReBird is part of a general shift for the organisation, away from a 'take-make-waste' way of doing things into a more circular process. Arc’teryx is also dedicated to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 65% by 2030. 

“Durability is crucial to how we see ourselves contributing to a more circular economy and achieving our global climate goals," says Katie Wilson, Senior Manager Social & Environmental Sustainability. "To us, circularity means continuously seeking to design out waste and pollution from our systems and to respect the resources of our finite planet.” Head to the Arc’teryx ReBird page to find out more.

Ruth Hamilton
Ruth Hamilton

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