Apple iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black now only £140 with 6 months half price contract

The super desirable and premium Jet Black iPhone 7 128GB is now available at a lower price and with a discounted contract

Good old has a wide range of Boxing Day deals on right now, with this iPhone 7 128GB score the pick of the bunch in our eyes.

Drop £150 upfront and you get the s**t-hot iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black along with a contract that is reduced to half price for a whole 6 months. That means for half a year of a 24-month contract, instead of having to pay £37 per month for 6GB of data and Unlimited minutes and  texts, you only have to pay £18.50.

But wait, there's more!

If you enter the code SAVEJAN at checkout, then you can take a further £10 off the upfront cost, meaning you can actually pick this deal up for £140!

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So that's one of - if not the - best smartphones in the world with a discounted contract for 6 months (and a competitive one for the remaining 18) for just £140. Not bad at all.

The deal again in full:

iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black | Vodaphone | 6GB | Unlimited calls/texts | £37 per month (+half price for 6 months) | £140 upfront cost (use voucher code SAVEJAN at checkout)

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