Apple iPad Air 4 incoming – and with THIS special new feature

iPad Air 4 details have leaked, and it looks like the tablet is closing in on the iPad Pro

iPad Air 2019
(Image credit: Apple)

We haven’t seen a new iPad Air since March 2019, but it looks like Apple will be putting that right soon. That's because a new report coming out of China suggests that the company is gearing up to release the iPad Air 4 in March 2021.

So, what can we expect from the new tablet, which was surfaced by Chinese site MyDrivers? The site claims the iPad Air 4 will come with a version of Apple’s A14 processor (the chip powering the upcoming iPhone 12), and an 11-inch Liquid Retina screen. Apple will apparently be releasing a new version of its Magic Keyboard to fit it too, which is nice as that’s currently only available for iPad Pros.

In fact, if the report proves to be accurate, it does seem that Apple may be blurring the line between iPad Air and iPad Pro. Not only will the new tablet reportedly be getting the Magic Keyboard, but it will also reportedly be ditching the longstanding Lighting cable in favor of USB-C connectivity. 

That’s a slight pain for Apple-only households with more Lightning cables then they care to count, but is clearly advantageous when it comes to connecting to third party accessories like external hard disks. And hey: at least it means they’ll have to bundle a charger this time.

The new iPad Air will apparently come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage configurations, with prices starting at $649 – a pretty steep increase on the $499 launch price for the iPad Air 3

Still, it might be worth it all the same. When we reviewed the current-generation iPad Air back in 2019, we gave it a coveted T3 platinum award and called it “the top tablet for 90% of people.” We really couldn’t find much to dislike, other than the fact that it’s slightly worse than the iPad Pro – but the price difference makes that point moot. “For all intents and purposes, it's just about flawless,” we concluded.

Fingers crossed the iPad Air 4 continues in this proud tradition.