Apple AirPods Pro called for release before end of October

The rumour mill claims noise-cancelling AirPods are close at hand

Apple AirPods 2 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's latest AirPods launched earlier this year,  bring a few neat tricks to its true-wireless earbuds. Quick access to Siri means you can add events to your calendar, make crystal-clear calls and play music all totally hands-free. It's delivered via the H1 chip, an Apple-designed piece of hardware specifically for headphones. However, even though the latest iteration is just a few months old, one source claims Apple is already planning an upgrade.

China Economic Daily reports Apple are set to launch the AirPods Pro, a high-performance pair of upgraded headphones to sit alongside the current-gen AirPods. It's alleged that the new kit will have noise-cancelling capabilities, something sorely missing from the current crop of headphones and delivered by rivals such as Beats Powerbuds Pro (although if they're also owned by Apple, are they really rivals?).

The report also contains a few more tidbits on the headphones: they'll incorporate metal in the casing in order to better support noise-cancelling tech and provide a premium feel; they're likely to be priced as high as $260; and they're heavily rumoured to debut before the end of October.

The leak has also been supported by leaksters 9to5Mac, who discovered a glyph hidden in an iOS 13.2 beta that could mean Apple is about to introduce a new set of in-ear buds, taking inspiration from the old corded in-ear design. Images also surfaced elsewhere on slashleaks of alleged prototypes for what was then dubbed the AirPods 3.

While other details are scarce, the perfect storm of rumours has audiophile's tongue's wagging. For now, we'll keep our eyes peeled for any word on Apple's new (extra) premium earbuds.