Echo Buds are now a must buy: noise cancelling true wireless for under £80 for Amazon Prime Day

Pay £120 for AirPods with no noise cancelling or £79 for Echo Buds with it? Tough one…

Amazon Echo Buds deal
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Amazon Echo Buds were already good value at their launch price £120 but they are now exceptional value at just £80. They've got Amazon Alexa built in, and it's Amazon Prime Day. There's never been a better time to buy.

• Buy Amazon Echo Buds with Bose Active Noise Reduction for £79.99 at Amazon

With noise reduction using the same technology as Bose, all-day battery life, a comfortable fit, and the ability to instantly mute them so you can talk to people other than Alexa, Amazon Echo Buds are a perfect working-from-home purchase. Or a perfect walking-down-the-street purchase. 

Amazon Echo Buds £79.99 | Was £119.99 | Save £40 at Amazon
Letting you listen to music, take calls and order Alexa about, Amazon Echo Buds are a solid-sounding pair of true wireless buds with pretty good noise cancelling built in. They're very comfortable to wear, once you choose the right ear tips from the selection provided. Battery life is good at five hours, and the included charging case holds up to three additional charges and can be used to top the battery up during the day. 

Why you should buy Amazon Echo Buds 

Amazon Echo Buds deal

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Echo Buds feature two premium, balanced armature drivers in each earbud. Amazon claims the driver design is inspired by in-ear monitors used by professional musicians, and they aim to deliver crisp, clear vocals and dynamic bass. 

Each earbud has two outer microphones and one inner microphone that work together to reduce ambient noise so Alexa can hear you whether you’re walking to work, on your lunch break, or in a noisy train carriage. Voice control works flawlessly even in noisy environments.

If you need to speak to a family member, or hear the police telling you to go home, you can simply double-tap either earbud to turn Pass-through mode on. This uses the mics to let ambient sound and speech 'pass through' into your ears. 

Amazon was already on to a winner with the Echo Buds, by making them cheaper than AirPods in the first place. Considering they are sweat-resistant and incorporate noise cancelling, that made them a great deal even at £120. At under £90, they're even more alluring.

There's an increasing number of high quality true wireless buds around the £90-£100 mark but I'm not sure any of them can beat Echo Buds as an all-round package. Clearly they are a bit lacking in style, but that's not especially important if you can't go outdoors anyway. Audio quality is not mind-blowing, but it's certainly good enough, and on par with any bud in the £100-ish price bracket.