New UA SPORTSMASK face mask will be ready for when the gyms reopen

High-performance sports face mask for cautious athletes, available from July

(Image credit: Under Armour)

The lockdown has been going on for a while – definitely longer than I anticipated it would – and by now, everyone is ready to go back to the gyms and to actively exercise outdoors once again. At the same time, no one wants to get infected with COVID-19 and experience a second spike in infections after the lockdown measures have been eased. For active people, an answer to this conundrum  might be Under Armour's new UA SPORTSMASK face mask that promises a unique blend of high-performance and protection, designed specifically for athletes.

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The UA SPORTSMASK is a reusable, water-resistant performance face mask designed for "maximum breathability", as the manufacturer claims. The new face mask functions to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer, so just like other masks, it is there to prevent your respiratory droplets to reach other people, admittedly a good thing in closed environments such as gyms.


(Image credit: Under Armour)

UA SPORTSMASK: how it works

The top of the mask features a mouldable nose-bridge to help secure it in place and mitigate airflow to the eyes, helping to prevent glasses from fogging. The UA SPORTSMASK features a three-layer model, designer specially for athletes:

  • LAYER 1: SPACER FABRIC - It is light but has air pockets for structure, so it stays off the mouth and nose for better airflow
  • LAYER 2: OPEN-CELL FOAM - The breathable middle layer lets air through but makes it hard for moisture and sweat to pass
  • LAYER 3: UA ISO-CHILL - This fabric feels cool against the skin, stretches, and is treated with PROTX2™, a non-metal anti-microbial technology which inhibits growth of bacteria on the mask

According to the manufacturer, the PROTX2 "has been shown in laboratory tests to destroy COVID-19, and is being reviewed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to confirm the efficacy of the substance as it is applied to the UA SPORTSMASK." Under Armour hasn't disclosed any more information about the actual tests and as they say, the efficacy of the mask is being reviewed so we try not to get too excited about this claim just yet.

Under Armour also has a patent pending on its design and construction of the mask.


(Image credit: Under Armour)

UA SPORTSMASK: price and release date

The UA SPORTSMASK will be available for £26 at Under Armour from late-July with additional colours released later on the year.