The best Lego Harry Potter sets 2021: fantastic toys and where to find them

Magical sets that range from Lego Hogwarts Castle to new Lego Fantastic Beasts sets

Best Lego Harry Potter

With a new film out last year, as well as a fresh range of builds, Lego Harry Potter sets have had another great year. The giant Lego Hogwarts Castle and Lego Hogwarts Express have been especially big hits, showing how much life there is in the old franchise yet.

The Harry Potter range includes some of the best Lego sets you can buy – so which one should you choose? Here's our pick of the best Lego Harry Potter sets you can buy right now – including the popular Lego Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sets.

If you’re wondering what sets are available for building a wonderful wizarding world of your own, let’s dive straight into the coolest Lego Harry Potter sets you can buy!

Lego Hogwarts Castle - 71043

The most magical set of all

Reasons to buy
+Epic scale+So many little details+Adorable microfigs

The new Lego Hogwarts is a huge (69x43x58cm fully built) recreation of the movie version of the castle, all more or less to scale with the 27(!) included microfigures (teeny Lego characters even smaller than the usual minifigs). The last big set built to microfigure scale was the awesome Lego Saturn V rocket, and this looks even better. The film-mimicking model has everything from the Great Hall to the Chamber of Secrets, Dumbledore’s office, Room of Requirement, and loads more cameos from the series, as well as separate Hagrid’s Hut and Whomping Willow areas. And yes, the staircases move. The figures include assorted students, teachers, villains and a set of Dementors, and it comes with a scale Aragog the spider and dragon for good measure. This is the ultimate Lego set for Harry Potter fans, bar none. 

Pieces: 6020

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Lego Hogwarts Great Hall - 75954

Iconic locations in a fun little set

Reasons to buy
+Lots for the price+Great set of minifigs+Perfect gift for Potter fans

Don’t have space for the giant Harry Potter Hogwarts Lego, but love the idea? Scale it back with the Great Hall set, which has a similar movie-ready look but is a fraction of the size (and price). It includes 10 minifigs, including Hagrid, Nearly-Headless Nick, and more students and teachers. As well as a recreation of the Great Hall, you get a tower with a moving staircase and Mirror of Erised. There’s even a Basilisk and little Fawkes figure. This is going to be massive this Christmas, make no mistake.

Number of pieces: 878

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Lego Hogwarts Express - 75955

You'll be King's Cross if you miss it

Reasons to buy
+Great display piece+Nice playset for kids inside, too

Start your Hogwarts journey at, well, the start with this lovely recreation of King's Cross Platform 9 3/4 and the Hogwarts Express. The platform has a moving section of wall for the minifigs to pass through, naturally, as well as teeny Lego Daily Prophet newspapers. The train itself looks great, but you can also pull away the side and roof of the carriage to create a little Express playset. You even get a minifig of Trolley Witch, everyone’s favourite nameless sweet salesperson, and where else are you going to find that?

Number of pieces: 801

Lego Harry Potter Quidditch Match

Lego Quidditch Match - 75956

We could quaffle on for hours about this one

Reasons to buy
+Good-value set makes ideal gift+Surprising amount of stuff to play with+Lego Golden Snitch!

Create the excitement of magical match day with this sharp little set. Aside from the adorableness of it coming with Lego-ised Quidditch gear – including quaffle, bludgers, Golden Snitch and characters in their team gear on broomsticks – you get a set of goals complete with a controllable clear stand to wobble your plastic Oliver Wood in place for clutch saves. There’s even way to fire bludgers into the air, which seems excessive, but makes for a pretty complete playset. Each house gets its own support tower, and the Slytherin one has some pop-up fire, for recreating pyromaniac-based movie moments. At under £40, it’s nice smaller set to gift, with such iconic pieces in.

Number of pieces: 500

Lego Harry Potter Newt's Case of Magical Creatures

Lego Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures - 75952

Newt kids on the block

Reasons to buy
+Make fantastic beasts quite easy to find+Set folds into a case!+Loads of recognisable figures

If you’re looking for your Lego Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fix, then, we’ll we’ve got this fantastic set and you can find it in the links below… In a very cute bit of theming, you build Newt’s case here, which folds out into a playset with areas for taking care of the buildable animals contained within. It comes with four movie figures and five creatures, giving kids loads of scope for replaying or remixing their favourite movie moments.

Number of pieces: 694

Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow

Lego Hogwarts Whomping Willow - 75953

A tree-mendous little set

Reasons to buy
+Perfect add-on to the Great Hall+Nice Hogwarts set on its own+Lego Ford Anglia!

Like the Hogwarts Great Hall set, this is a another little slice of the Wizarding school, with six minifigs (plus Hedwig), a flying Ford Anglia with opening doors and boot, and the great whomping willow, which has spinning branches to mulch bystanders (but also a secret tunnel, naturally). The castle part of the set doesn’t look big from the outside, but actually squeezes in a Potions classroom, Snape’s office and a student dormitory in the other side. Combine it with the Great Hall (and Quidditch set), and you’ve got a wide-ranging portion of Hogwarts to play around with, and that all look fab on display together.

Number of pieces: 753

Lego Harry Potter BrickHeadz

Lego Harry Potter and Hedwig Brickheadz - 41615

A boy and his owl

Reasons to buy
+Big Lego glasses+Big Lego owl eyes

Lego’s rival to the omnipresent POP Vinyl figures has you building large-headed characters out of bricks, with frequently adorable results. This is a great little Lego Harry Potter gift, because you build yourself a suitably floppy-haired Harry, complete with a very-much-not-to-scale Hedwig. Harry’s about two inches tall once built, and the figures sit on little display stands, for perching on your shelves next to your other memorabilia.

Number of pieces: 180