Samsung Galaxy Fit2 vs Fitbit Inspire 2: the battle of the budget fitness bands

Two of the best fitness trackers go head to head to battle for your hard-earned cash

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 vs Fitbit Inspire 2
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Fitbit Inspire 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: it's the battle of the bands, and there can only be one winner.

Samsung and Fitbit are two of the world’s biggest wearable makers and both have recently launched budget activity trackers aimed at fitness newbies, or those just wanting to keep an eye on their health without dropping a wad on pricey smartwatches. 

The wearables in question are the very compact and accessible Fitbit Inspire 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit2, which, while similar on the surface, boast their own distinctive set of features meaning it can be tricky to know which one to go for.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 and the Fitbit Inspire 2 are among the best fitness trackers you can buy, if you want something in a band form, rather than the watch shape that has become more popular in recent times. We have pitted the two fitness bands against one another in a head-to-head battle, to find out which wearable comes up trumps.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 and Fitbit Inspire 2: price

Fitbit Inspire 2 is theoretically £90, US$100 and AU$180. However, discounts are  regularly available. Check out the widgets below and also our guides to the best Fitbits to buy, and the latest best cheap Fitbit deals.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is notionally priced at an even more reasonable £50, US$60 and around AU$100, and it's regularly on sale for less.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 vs Fitbit Inspire 2

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Comparing the Inspire 2 and the Galaxy Fit2 side-by-side, there’s not a whole lot to differentiate them. Both sport quite a simplistic and somewhat unoriginal design, although Fitbit’s offering does at least change things up with its lozenge-style body that clips into two straps on each end. 

Still, both devices are super light and compact. While the Galaxy Fit2 measures 11.1mm thick and weighs 21g, Fitbit’s Inspire 2 is a slightly thicker 12.9mm but weighs a gram less, at 20g.

When it comes to display tech, the Galaxy Fit2 boasts a 1.1-inch full-colour AMOLED. Thanks to a resolution of 126 x 294, it’s sharp and vibrant, especially for such a small device. Samsung's Galaxy Fit2’s screen is slightly bigger, measuring 1.4-inch, but is majorly lacking in that it’s only a backlit OLED monochrome screen, so pales in comparison to the Fit2’s super colourful AMOLED display.

If colour is important to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Inspire 2 has double the options available than the Galaxy Fit, with four colourways: black, white, rosewood, and grey. The Galaxy Fit2 only comes in boring black and a coral-like red. 


Samsung Galaxy Fit2

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Samsung Galaxy Fit2

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One of the biggest differences between the two wearables in terms of features is GPS. Unlike the Galaxy Fit2, the Inspire 2 can piggyback off your smartphone’s GPS, meaning workouts - such as outdoor runs, for instance - can be tracked more accurately. The Galaxy Fit2 falls by the wayside in that respect. However, when it comes to battery life Samsung’s wearable pips the Inspire 2 to the post, with 14 days of use per charge as opposed to the Inspire’s 10 days. 

In most other ways, the two bands are very comparable. They both support smartphone notifications, tout sleep tracking tools, step counting, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and a host of dedicated workout modes such as running, cycling, and even pool swimming.

Speaking of swimming, if you fancy taking any of these fitness bands for a dip, both are waterproof and support swimming tracking for up to 5ATM. There’s no female health tracking on the Galaxy Fit2, though - but is very much present on the Inspire 2. 

WINNER: Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2

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The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 launched in early September 2020 with an RRP of £49 / $59. However, it’s now available for a reduced price of £39 / $49 from most major retailers, including Samsung’s own website. 

The Fitbit Inspire 2 was launched just a few weeks after Samsung’s wearable. It might be the cheapest Fitbit on offer but it still retails for a little more than the Fit2, at £89.99 RRP or for £79.99 on some well-known retail sites, such as Amazon.

If you're on a budget, the Galaxy Fit2 will likely serve all of your needs. If you have a little extra cash to splash, however, we'd probably recommend the Inspire 2, mainly because it can make use of your phone’s GPS for more accurate workout tracking, unlike the Galaxy Fit2. 

WINNER: Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 vs Fitbit Inspire 2

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While both the Galaxy Fit2 and the Inspire 2 are great options for those who want to track basic fitness activities, such as step counting, basic workout tracking and sleep monitoring, Fitbit’s offering is powered by some slightly better health-tracking tech than Samsung’s.

However, if you’re on a strict budget the Galaxy Fit2 is an obvious choice. At half the price of the Inspire 2, it’s still got a lot going for it, missing just two main features that Fitbit’s offering does: GPS compatibility and female health tracking.

There’s still no avoiding that disappointing monochrome OLED screen on the Inspire 2, though, which is pretty depressing to look at in comparison to the bright and colourful AMOLED display on the Galaxy Fit2.

If you’re considering a purchase of either two of these wearables, there’s a few things to weigh up but it would perhaps be worth looking at how much certain features mean to you and going from there.

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