The best white noise machine 2018: to help you relax, sleep, or concentrate on a task

Get a peaceful night’s sleep or a more productive day at work with a white noise machine

The best white noise machine

Living in the city is all well and good until it's 2am and you can’t sleep due to the sound of the traffic roaring outside, or the neighbours having a party every weekend. A white noise machine is a great way to allow your mind to focus and block out those distracting noises when trying to sleep or relax. 

A white noise machine gives off a very subtle sound that doesn’t necessarily block out the noise around you, but covers it up with a more soothing noise that makes it easier to shut off from your surroundings. They work incredibly well in helping babies and those who suffer from tinnitus to sleep, too. 

White noise is essentially a consistent sound that is equal at every frequency which humans can hear. Although you might think that white noise would only be a distraction when trying to sleep, studies show that it is the consistent sound that is more soothing than that of external sounds that are disjointed and variable. Babies also like the sound of white noise as it sounds similar to the noises they would have heard when in the womb. 

You can also use these machines for your waking hours, too. Some office workers find the constant noise around them distracting. White noise can help you focus on the task at hand and block out inconsistent hustle and bustle in the office. 

They can also help with meditation and mindfulness. If you have an often busy and hectic schedule, taking the time out to focus on breathing can be assisted by a white noise machine which lets you focus your mind. 

Most white noise machines come with different levels of sound and timer settings which allow to you adjust them to your needs, with some offering a pink noise function, which is essentially the same thing but a higher pitched sound frequency. We’ve picked out some of the best white noise machines for all purposes. Some double up as an alarm clock and some are battery operated for portability find out which one is right for you below. 

best white noise machines

1. HoMedics Deep Sleep White Noise Sound Machine

Those who suffer with tinnitus can settle their thoughts with this deep sleep inducer

Best for: Tinnitus
Power Type: 4 x AA Batteries
Sound settings: 4
Timer: 30, 60, 90 minutes
Reasons to buy
+4 distinct tones+Portable for home and away
Reasons to avoid
-Sounds not always completely smooth 

If you suffer with tinnitus or insomnia, then this deep sleep inducing machine is a great way to help relax the mind. It comes with four different sound settings and you can set it on a timer for anywhere between half an hour and 90 minutes. 

Those who live near busy roads or work night shifts found this machine particularly good at settling them when sleeping at odd times. Some users have even found it good for calming their pets when there are fireworks going off. 

The machine itself is lightweight and portable and operates on batteries so you can easily take this away with you so you never have trouble sleeping again. 

best white noise machines

2. LectroFan White Noise Machine

A great source of sleep therapy for those who struggle to get in their kip

Best for: Sleeping
Power Type: USB
Sound settings: 10
Timer: 60 mins/whole night
Reasons to buy
+Personalised sleep timer+Lots of different sounds 
Reasons to avoid
- Volume is a little quiet 

For those who can’t remember the last time they had a decent night’s sleep, this personalised sleep therapy fan could work for you. It has 10 different sound settings which aren’t too high pitched, so you can find one that works well for you. 

The machine is able to be set for an hour to help you get off to sleep or for the whole night if you are a light sleeper who tends to get woken up easily. 

Some found the volume to be a little low, but most customers found that some settings are naturally louder than others so you can try all of them until you find the one most suited to you. 

best white noise machines

3. Avantek Sleep White Noise Machine

A variety of soothing sounds for all environments

Best for: Sound variety
Power Type: Main & USB
Sound settings: 20
Timer: 1-7 hours
Reasons to buy
+White noise, nature fan and scene sounds+Saves your last used setting 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t quite stay on all night  

This white noise machine has a variety of sounds including those of nature and fan sounds which can cater to a wide range of sleepers and those who wish to settle their mind. It can run for a maximum of seven hours, which some have found doesn’t last a whole night for a baby and this can be frustrating. 

However, customers who have this white noise machine have found it works well for concentration in the office or at home, especially those who have tinnitus. This machine has a memory function so you can set your last used setting at just the touch of a button.

best white noise machines

4. Sound Oasis S-650-01 Sleep Sound Therapy System

A versatile alarm clock that can be personalised

Best for: Versatility
Power Type: Mains or battery
Sound settings: 24
Timer: 30, 60, 90 mins
Reasons to buy
+Add own sounds +Features a backlight/alarm clock
Reasons to avoid
-A little fiddly 

This white noise machine doubles up as a bedside alarm clock and also has a soothing backlight feature if you don’t like sleeping in total darkness. You are able to add additional sounds via an SD card if the 24 different sounds aren’t enough for you, and can set the timer up to 90 minutes to help you drift off at night. 

Users found the clock a little bit fiddly to set, but said as a white noise machine this one gets the job done nicely.

best white noise machines

5. Homedics Sound Spa

Practice meditation with this peaceful sound spa

Best for: Meditation and relaxation
Power Type: Mains or batteries
Sound settings: 6
Timer: 15,30 & 60 mins
Reasons to buy
+Compact and lightweight+Soothing sounds
Reasons to avoid
-Battery life not that great

If you practice meditation or mindfulness but struggle to find a time or space where it’s quiet enough to do so, then this sound spa is a great idea. The white noise machine has a variety of soothing sounds which last either 15, 30 or 60 minutes which is perfect for a quick relaxation session. 

Users have said the batteries don’t last very long, so investing in rechargeable batteries or using the mains is advised, but it’s helpful if you want to take it away with you as it’s small and compact. 

The nature sounds are also great for falling asleep to and you can adjust the volume to suit your preference. 

best white noise machines

6. Gro-Hush White Noise Baby Calmer

Help your little one sleep soundly with this white noise machine

Best for: Babies
Power Type: 3 x AAA batteries
Sound settings: 3
Timer: 10 mins
Reasons to buy
+Portable +Emulates sound of heartbeat
Reasons to avoid
-Turns off after 10 minutes

This portable baby calmer is great for soothing your little one wherever you are. It plays white noise that only the baby can hear which means it can be used out and about without disruption. 

You can choose from white noise, heartbeat, waves or rain all at a safe volume for your child. The only downside to this is that it switches off automatically after 10 minutes so it’s not meant to be used when sleeping, but rather when out and about to soothe the baby quickly and easily.