The best tennis racquet 2020: make a racket on the court, whichever way you spell it

Smashing tennis racquets and/or rackets to help you ace your game, set and match

Best tennis racket 2019

If you’ve perfected throwing tennis tantrums, and are now working on improving your ability to actually hit the ball over the net, one easy way to up your game is to  buy the best tennis racket. Or the best tennis racquet, if you are posh. With tennis pros designing consumer versions of their own rackets, new equipment with helpful sensors built in these light and powerful rackets will give your ailing game a new lease of life. 

Here, we've served up our favourite rackets in time for Wimbledon and the other big tennis tournaments. Now go out and smash it. 

Best tennis racket

1. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail

Best tennis racket, especially for those who prioritise power

Reasons to buy
+Minimalist look+Countervail technology+Braided graphite and basalt build

While ‘classic’ tennis players may have been admired for their precision, now-a-days a big-hitting, aggressive game is a must. Wilson’s Blade 98 racket comes in different iterations, but they all have a minimalist matte look and Countervail technology to maximise a player's energy – handy if you’re returning to the court after a hiatus. Wilson says the design focuses on the essentials, stripping away unnecessary elements for a timeless look and more importantly, a ‘psychological edge for the player bold enough to pick one up.’ All the rackets in the Blade range are constructed from braided graphite and basalt – an elastic material that Wilson says improves the flex of the racket. Players who opt for the slightly-pricier Blade 98S can also take advantage of ‘Spin Effect Technology’ which increases ball RPM without players having to change their swing.

Best tennis racket

2. Head Graphene XT Radical

Best tennis racket under £100

Reasons to buy
+16/19 string pattern+Graphene XT technology+Flamboyant colour pallete

For those that like to look good on the court, Head’s limited edition Graphene XT Radical racket is as flamboyant as Nick Kyrgios’ style of play. Its colour palette is inspired by the adventurous nightlife of Florida’s party capital Miami, including ‘crazy flamingo’, ‘neon yellow’ and ‘lagoon blue’. But it’s not just pretty. The racket has innovative Graphene XT technology, which ‘allows an improved distribution of weight for a more powerful game and an improved energy transfer,’ according to Head. It also features a 16/19 string pattern for spin. The racket launched in March and there are only a small number left, as the special colour combination is limited to 10,000 rackets.

Best tennis racket

3. Slazenger Pro

Best cheap tennis racket

Reasons to buy
+16 x 19 string pattern+Soft handle+Lightweight graphite build

It may not have a tennis pro’s name attached to it, or be the most glamorous design, but Slazenger’s Pro tennis racket offers a lot of the features of more expensive offerings. With a soft handle for comfortable play, it’s made of lightweight graphite a little like the top offerings of Wilson and Head, and has a 16 x 19 string pattern, which is the preferred choice of many pros because it’s meant to offer better control along with power. It’s ideal for beginners who may not want to commit their cash to the sport just yet, until they get good, that is.

Best tennis racket

4. Wilson Blade SW104 Countervail Autograph Countervail

Best premium tennis racket – it's based on a Grand Slam-winning racket

Reasons to buy
+Large head size+Dense string pattern

This mouthful of a racket is the ultimate refinement of Wilson’s Blade range. Sure, it looks similar to the others, but look carefully and you’ll see the all-important signature of tennis supremo Serena Williams. Both Venus and Serena had design input into the Blade range, but the Autograph version is modelled on the personal racket Serena used to win her 23rd grand slam, so you’d hope it would help you out on court too. The racket has a large head size that Wilson says ‘enhances the sweet spot for pure strikes’ as well as a dense string pattern for good control. ‘This signature racket embodies everything a legend is and boldly inspires others to make their own mark on the world,’ the company claims.

Best tennis racket

5. Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph

Federer-endorsed graphite racket

Reasons to buy
+Wide racket beam+Lightweight+Looks flash

Few tennis players are as revered as Roger Federer and it’s likely few rackets are as envy-inducing as the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racket he helped to design. The racket is the result of an 18-month collaboration between the grand slam hero and company, which sought to strip out unnecessary components. A mixture of ‘Tuxedo’ and matte ‘Velvet’ braided graphite with pops of red, the inside of the racket's throat carries Roger Federer's signature and an image of his face. But more importantly, the racket has a wider racket beam providing a significant boost in power and larger head size like Federer’s own pro racket. There are also two lighter weight versions of the racket – the Pro Staff 97 LS and Pro Staff 97 ULS – designed for young tennis players. Federer said: ‘This racket is truly special, and I hope it inspires every player who holds it in his or her hands.’

Best tennis racket

6. Head Speed Pro

A great tennis racket for control and speed

Reasons to buy
+18/20 string pattern+Graphene Touch technology+Slick falcon-inspired design

Novak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players in the world so any tennis racket recommended by him must be pretty good, right? Head’s Speed Pro combines top technologies with design elements inspired by the tennis pro’s favourite animal – the falcon. Yes, you read that correctly. The design includes a ‘stealth pattern’ and falcon head integrated into the SPEED logo. But more importantly, it also makes use of Head’s Graphene Touch technology for a solid dampened feel and great sound, while the 18/20 string pattern gives players extra control. Built for speed, the racket promises ‘less shock, more wow’ which can only help impress at the local park.