The best razor subscriptions for men: get razor blades in the post, but not in a threatening way

Take the hassle out of shave shopping with the best online subscription razors

Best razor subscriptions for men

If you haven't fallen victim to the hipster revolution, and favour a wet shave over electric, then you'll need to buy razor blades – and that's where a subscription service can help you. Forget the hassle of going to Boots and working out which of the infinite range of razors to purchase – as if having to shave every day isn't hardship enough – instead, buy them online. 

Set up a shaving subscription, and you can release yourself from the drudgery of shopping, secure in the knowledge that fresh blades will drop through your letterbox at regular intervals of your choosing. And it's not just razors you can buy, but the whole shaving shebang including shave gels and creams, post-shave balms and facial scrubs, not to mention gift sets, fancy washbags and the like. 

Oh, and if you do prefer just going to the shops to buy razors we do actually have a more olde-worlde best razors top 10 for you.

How to buy the best razor subscriptions

First, pour yourself a whisky/craft beer/glass of wine or quaffage of your choice (non-alcoholic is also acceptable). Then, sit back and peruse the websites mentioned below to find your preferred purveyor of shaving products. Finally, select your subscription, pay up and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

The best subscription razors, in order


1. Cornerstone

The best one

Reasons to buy
+Smooth shave+Looks nice
Reasons to avoid
-Complicated subscription model

Cornerstone is a relative newcomer to the market, offering razor subscription boxes that arrive on your doorstep as and when you choose. 

The shave from its razor’s Japanese steel blades is as smooth as we’ve seen. The aloe vera strip helps it glide without tugging at your hair, and the chrome-plated handle looks great too (you can even get your initials etched onto it, if you like).

It’s relatively affordable: if you order 6 razor blades for £14 in your first box you get the handle for free. The only downside is that the ordering process is more complex than with other razors (you pick a delivery schedule for boxes to arrive every X weeks), but you can cancel and adjust at any time or order one-off items. Overall, very impressive.

Harry’s Truman

2. Harry’s Truman

The popular one

Reasons to buy
+Good deal starter pack+Close, comfortable shave
Reasons to avoid
-Possible skin irritation

This is the razor subscription service you’ll see advertised absolutely bloody everywhere, saying what underdogs they are, and not a big corporation with loads of money. Hmm. Still, there are more reasons for Harry’s success than omnipresence in advertising slots. 

Harry’s offers its rubber Truman handle, one blade cartridge and shave gel for free up front – you just pay £3.95 for delivery. You then pay for blades on a schedule of your choosing, with 8 costing £14, which is pretty reasonable.

The shave from its five blades is smooth and stands up well to the rest of the razors in this list. Trialled directly alongside the impressive Cornerstone, the shave was just as close and comfortable. However, we did get some post-shave skin irritation and more cuts than from the Cornerstone, so we wouldn’t recommend Harry’s if you know you’re susceptible.

The rubber handle (go for the orange one) looks nice next to our sink, and Harry’s have made it easy to order products outside of the subscription too. One handle, three blade cartridges, a blade travel holder and shave gel comes out at £14. Overall, it’s a good package, although it might not be the one for you if you have sensitive skin.

Bolin Webb X1 Carbon

3. Bolin Webb X1 Carbon

The luxe one

Reasons to buy
+Luxury carbon fibre handle looks great
Reasons to avoid
-Offers the same shave as much cheaper razors

If you’re willing to drop hundreds on a razor, then you might as go all out. The Bolin X1 Carbon has a carbon fibre panel made by Reverie, who usually supply products for high-end cars. It’s totally pointless, but it looks gorgeous, and the magnetic display stand means you can show it off in style.

However, there’s no getting away from the fact that you're still using the same Gilette Fusion blades you’ll get on a sub-£10 razor. They’re good blades, but for £350 you’re expecting something a bit more impressive.

Still, it’s carbon fibre. In your razor blade. If you want to show off, it’s a good bet.

Dorco Classic

4. Dorco Classic

The ‘vintage’ one

Reasons to buy
+Seven blades for a quick shave+Vintage look for less than £10
Reasons to avoid
-Tugs at longer hairs

The Dorco Classic’s selling point is its blades – all seven of them. That whopping number means it delivers a fast shave, with each stroke taking off more than most razors. 

The vintage design is a nice change from all the blue and orange ridges of other sub-£10 shavers too. 

But while it’s smooth on stubble, it tugs at longer hairs – much more so than a Gillette razor. Having the blades packed so closely together can make it more difficult to clean too because hairs get jammed in the tiny gaps.

So, not perfect, but a fast shave for a low price and the bragging rights of having more blades than anybody else.

5. King of Shaves 5-Blade

The cheap one

Reasons to buy
+Slim, balanced handle
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most comfortable shave

The self-proclaimed King of Shaves’ new five-blade razor is not exactly regal. The handle is slim and fits well in the hand and it’s got some weight to it – so despite the price, it doesn’t feel cheap. With five blades you’ll get a quick and close shave, too, and there’s one on the back for edging.

However, it’s just not as smooth or as comfortable to use as other brands. Expect more irritation than with other razors, and occasional hair tugging.

So, not the best, but it does have its good points. If you’re tired of your Gillette, then it’s cheap enough to warrant giving it a go.