Best snowboard boots 2021: Hit the mountains with confidence

The best new snowboard boots for every type of rider

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best snowboard boots: Vans Verse
(Image credit: Vans)

Every winter sees a box-fresh batch of new boots from our favourite brands, and we've taken it upon ourselves to find the best snowboard boots around right now. Although we'd happily hit the mountain wearing any of the boots below, we ended up with a clear winner: Salomon's brilliant Dialogue Dual BOA boots. Standout features include the use of hi-tech Ultralon Performance foams for the heat-mouldable liner, the DAMPLite+ Outsole's shock-absorbing blend of EVA rubber and the built-in heel cage, which provides the optimum balance of support and flex. Pair them with one of the best snowboards, and take on the slopes in style.

However, they might not suit everyone, which is why we've gathered a range of boots for different use cases and budgets below. Read on for our pick of the best snowboard boots around. While you're kitting up, you might also want to check out our pro guides to the best ski jackets and the best ski pants, to keep you warm, stylish and protected in the snow. 

How to choose the best snowboard boots for you

When it comes to snowboard boots, there's more overlap between the different styles than there is between boards. It's critical that you take the time to research the features which will suit your particular style of riding, and even more important to try them on (ideally tackling a few runs) because the features which could make or break your day on the slopes aren't necessarily visible. Here are the three types of snowboard boot you're most likely to come across:

Freestyle boots
These have less stiffness than all-mountain boots, in order to allow for a wider range of motion without the need to apply excessive force. But remember how we said there's more overlap between snowboard boots than snowboards? Freestyle boots are a great example – their softer flex makes them a great all-rounder for lighter riders who might struggle to stomp tricky landings.

All-mountain boots
This is the most common type of snowboard boot – a slightly stiffer design which is extra-responsive, in order to allow riders to carve through the snow with minimal effort. 

Freeride boots
Similar to all-mountain boots, but with features such as increased traction for hiking (for those occasions when you're exploring beyond the ski lifts), more durable materials and thicker boot liners and insoles (often with some kind of self-heating element).

The best snowboard boots to buy now

best snowboard boots: Salomon Dialogue Dual BOA

(Image credit: Salomon)

1. Salomon Dialogue Dual BOA snowboard boots

The best snowboard boots for most people

Sizes: European sizes 25-31.5
Closure: Focus BOA lacing system
Reasons to buy
+Excellent all rounder +Quick-dry insoles keep feet dry and warm+Great price 

The Salomon Dialogue Dual Boa snowboard boots are a rare breed – boots which tick every single box. We love everything about them, whether it's the dual zone lacing system for its effortless ease of use (and the fact you can tighten the ankle separately from the instep), or the enhanced level of comfort, thanks not just to the hi-tech Ortholite C2 insoles but the fully heat-mouldable liners which offer brilliant support in the areas you need it most. A quick side note: although we're naming these our best all-rounder boots, the customisation opportunities make these bad boys especially suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. Don't get us wrong – we're not saying they'd be wasted on beginners, but this is a boot best worn by riders who know how to tweak tightness and fit for maximum performance.

best snowboard boots: Burton Limelight BOA Heat

(Image credit: Burton)

2. Burton Limelight BOA Heat women's snowboard boots

The best premium snowboard boots for women

Sizes: 3-8
Closure: Sequence BOA Fit System lacing system
Reasons to buy
+Battery-operated heated liner +Gel cushioning provides extra comfort
Reasons to avoid
-On the heavier side-Not the stiffest, if you need support

First things first: we're not for one second suggesting women should stick to women's boots, but if you've discovered that ladies' boots tend to work best for you, the Burton Limelight BOA Heat snowboard boots are a fantastic option. A closure system with three lacing zones helps to banish heel lift while holding the ankle firmly in place, and a top-quality internal gusset keeps feet dry and warm. We also love the way the PowerUp tongue creates a snug fit between the boot and the tongue, allowing riders to hit the slopes from dawn until dusk without having to readjust the fit. Finally, there's the innovative battery-powered heated liner, which has three settings and offers up to 18 hours of warmth.

best snowboard boots: DC Control BOA

(Image credit: DC)

3. DC Control BOA snowboard boots

The best budget snowboard boots

Sizes: UK 6-12
Closure: Boa H4 Coiler lacing system
Reasons to buy
+Impact-S insole tech for unbeatable protection and comfort +Great budget price
Reasons to avoid
-Insole is quite basic-... as is the lacing system

DC doesn't just make great skate shoes – this brand makes brilliant snowboard boots too. The DC Control are our pick for the best budget snowboard boots, and come packed with features that many pricier boots just don't have, whether it's the ankle harness, the two-dial closure system for ultra-specific tightening or the Contact Unilite outsoles to enhance overall board feel. We also love the heat-mouldable EVA liners in these boots – the fact that they're 30 per cent denser than the average liner (we're admittedly taking DC's word for this but they certainly look and feel much thicker) allows them to hug feet in all the right places. A final shout-out should go to DC for the insoles – precision-engineered areas of cushioning for the heel and forefoot are a godsend for riders with a love of big air (although in the grand scheme of things, the insole and lacing system are more basic than you'd find on most pricier models). 

best snowboard boots: Nidecker Micron Mini

(Image credit: Nidecker )

4. Nidecker Micron Mini snowboard boots

The best snowboard boots for kids

Sizes: 10-11yr, 11-12yr, 12-13yr, 13-14yr
Closure: Velcro straps
Reasons to buy
+Very easy to close +Incredibly comfortable to walk in
Reasons to avoid
-Not as stiff as some kids' snowboard boots-Velcro closures can't compete with laces

Even the clumsiest of kids will slip on the Nidecker Micron Mini snowboard boots with ease, thanks to the oversized grab handles, the integrated inner linings and the thick Velcro straps. They've got just the right amount of stiffness to give younger riders a serious shot of confidence, while the all-rubber outsoles will ensure they stay upright when walking on slick surfaces such as ice. We also love the fact that there's a removable, fleece-lined footbed – when growing feet start to feel a little cramped, this footbed can simply be slipped out to create a little more space. 

best snowboard boots: Vans Verse

(Image credit: Vans)

5. Vans Verse snowboard boots

The best boots for intermediate and advanced snowboarders

Sizes: UK 8-12
Closure: Hybrid Boa lacing system
Reasons to buy
+Great price +Superior level of comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Not ideal for wider feet-Lacing system slightly fiddly

Taking your snowboarding to the next level is a breeze when you're wearing Vans' newest boots, the Vans Verse. The star of the show is the hi-tech lacing system, which allows you to fine-tune both the flex and the stiffness with minimum effort. But it's not just the performance we love – it's the comfort, boosted by the presence of Vans' heat mouldable V3 Ultracush Liner and waterproof breathable valves, which prevent feet overheating. Finally, props to the V3 Liner, which hugs the foot like a second skin, wicks away moisture and will dry in minutes once it's been removed, making pongy feet a thing of the past. 

best snowboard boots: Salomon Titan

(Image credit: Salomon)

6. Salomon Titan snowboard boots

The best snowboard boots for beginners

Sizes: European sizes 24-31.5
Closure: Quicklock lacing system
Reasons to buy
+Incredibly comfortable +Laces are very easy to tighten
Reasons to avoid
-Not for advanced snowboarders

The Salomon Titan snowboard boots offer the holy grail of a comfortable, cosy fit with enough support to give fledgling riders the confidence to take their snowboarding to the next level. There are fewer opportunities for customisation than with other boots, but that's exactly why we love them – too many bells and whistles can seem somewhat intimidating to newbie riders, and distract them from the task in hand. Beginners simply need boots made by a brand which gets the basics right, and that's exactly what Salomon does, with a Quicklock lacing system which tightens boots instantly with a quick pull, a top quality multi-density foam liner for maximum comfort, and a lightweight outsole which will provide extra dampening and grip.