Best shoes for Peloton 2022 to improve your performance on the world’s most popular connected bike

Choose the best shoes for Peloton for your home exercise bike sesh

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You'll need the best shoes for Peloton if you’re a proud owner of a Peloton bike (you lucky thing). You should be so lucky as we have tested a bunch of the top cycling shoes to find the best pair possible for your Peloton (or any other indoor cycling bike for that matter). 

Unlike your bog-standard workout trainers, proper cycling shoes are specially designed to power your Peloton Bike+ session while also being as comfortable and aerodynamic as possible so you can smash your goals with zero pain or soreness.

Most - but not all - cycling shoes on the market utilise a clip-in (or cleat) design that slides in and fixes to a bike’s pedals. This not only makes them more secure but allows the wearer to put more power into spinning those exercise bike pedals like there’s no tomorrow.

As the Peloton Bike and Bike+ models don’t ship with cycling shoes as standard, we’ve created this guide to help you find the top shoes for an indoor spin no matter what type of rider you are or clip-in system you prefer.

For running on a Peloton Tread, we recommend using one of the best running shoes.

Best shoes for Peloton to buy in 2022

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1. Peloton Cycling Shoes

The best cycling shoes for Peloton, unsurprisingly, made by Peloton

Size range (UK): 3-12.5 (unisex)
Cleat type: Delta
Reasons to buy
+A well-made and high-quality shoe+Comfortable for even long rides +Great design that complements the Peloton bike
Reasons to avoid
-Limited design options and colourways -No clipless model

Unsurprisingly, the best Peloton shoes overall are those made by the brand itself. They boast some sleek velcro straps that are easy to operate when you need to tighten them up but are limited in time, and they slip into the pedals with ease. Perhaps more importantly, they remain super comfortable throughout even long spin sessions thanks to their lightweight, breathable upper and mesh vent construction.

We admit that at £119 they are quite pricey, but if you really want to look the part while on your Peloton and have a little bit of OCD when it comes to having matching accessories, these are the cycling shoes for you. Moreover, they aren’t limited to use on the Peloton bike - they can also be used on other exercise bikes with the Delta cleat system.

Rapha Explore shoes on white background

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The best premium cycling shoes for Peloton

Size range (UK): 3-12 (unisex)
Cleat type: SPD
Reasons to buy
+Multi-disciplinary +Flexible upper for added comfort +Very durable
Reasons to avoid
-Take time to break-in-Design not to everyone’s tastes -Not compatible with Peloton without a Delta adapter

Rapha has a reputation as one of the best cycling brands out there and after trying out its Explore range of shoes we can see why. Purpose-built for off-road riding, they’ve been constructed with the adventure seeker in mind.

This means they’re exceptionally well made, with a strong yet lightweight carbon footplate that is able to transfer power efficiently when pedalling but finishes before the toe and heel to provide the flex needed for added comfort when walking. At £300, they’re the most expensive on our list but they’re also the most premium. You’re getting a lot of tech in this cycling shoe, but it’s probably best suited to those that like to take their spin sessions off-road and dabble in a bit of mountain biking.

Also note that these shoes boast an SPD cleat system, not Delta as used by Peloton, so are perhaps best suited for other exercise bikes. You can purchase an adapter separately if you’re insisting on using them with Peloton, though.

Adidas Velosamba shoes on white background

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3. Adidas Velosamba

The most stylish shoes for Peloton

Size range (UK): 4-13 (unisex)
Cleat type: Clipless (with SPD option)
Reasons to buy
+Extremely versatile+Comfortable for all activities
Reasons to avoid
-Only available at Adidas online-Expensive

The Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoes add cycling-specific features to the iconic Samba design. The beauty of this clipless shoe is that it's super versatile; it can be used during city rides, indoor training and walking. Not only that, but its reinforced insole is SPD compatible.

That’s right, you can purchase an SPD cleat system and screw it into the bottom if you ever need to. The thing we love the most about this shoe, however, is that it looks like your standard casual sneaker from the outside, so can be worn outside of fitness, too. An ideal pair of shoes for the cyclist who wants to seamlessly transition between biking and walking without giving up style and comfort.

Shimano RC1 shoes on white background

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4. Shimano RC1

Best cheap shoes for Peloton (comparatively)

Size range (UK): Men’s: 6.5 - 12.5, Women’s: 5.5 - 9.5
Cleat type: Delta
Reasons to buy
+Exceptionally comfortable during rides+More accessible price point +Breathable mesh texture upper 
Reasons to avoid
-Cleats need to be purchased separately

The Shimano RC1 is not only priced perfectly for those refusing to spend hundreds on a cycling shoe, but it’s one of the best all-rounders you can buy. Available in both mens and women's models, the shoes boast a lightweight design comprising synthetic leather uppers with a mesh texture for a more comfortable fit and three super durable hook-and-loop straps so you can get them on and off in no time.

The only downside here is that you need to purchase your own Delta cleats as Shimano shoes generally don’t ship with them included in the box.

Five Ten Sleuth DLX shoes on white background

(Image credit: Adidas)

5. Five Ten Sleuth DLX

Another great clipless bike shoe option

Size range (UK): Men’s: 5.5-13.5, Women’s: 3.5-8
Cleat type: Clipless
Reasons to buy
+Sneaker-like design+Super comfortable +Great pedal grip+Water-resistant
Reasons to avoid
-A lack of padding in tongue -No protective toe caps

The Sleuth DLX is a pure clipless shoe aimed at the cycling enthusiast. Representing the first true collaboration between Adidas and Five Ten, this shoe is based on the classic Adidas Samba design while its technical cycling-focused features are a result of Five Ten's specialist knowledge.

The outcome of this fusion is a stylish yet comfortable bike shoe that you can wear for all kinds of workouts, not just cycling, but also casually. We also love the water-resistant materials used, which makes them ideal for outdoor rides as well as indoor spin sessions. They could be a little better padded though, especially in the tongue area. Nonetheless, a great pair of versatile cycle shoes 

Bearded person riding a Peloton Bike+

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How to choose the best Peloton shoes for you

Peloton’s very own branded cycling shoes are an obvious choice for those who’ve just purchased a Peloton exercise bike. However, they’re not the only option out there. And seeing as though they cost a substantial £119 (and aren’t shipped with the bike, as we mentioned earlier), there’s even more reason to look around and consider some other alternatives.

Equally, before splurging on just any old cycling shoes, there are a few fundamental things you’ll need to look out for. Be sure to read our suggestions below before committing to a purchase.

Clip-in and clipless cycling shoes: Which shoe type is better for Peloton?

There are two main types of cycling shoe available: clip-in and clipless. While the names are pretty self explanatory, we should note that either can be used with Peloton bikes but it will depend on the type of pedal you have.

The Peloton bikes are shipped with Delta-compatible clip-in pedals by default (we’ll explain what this means later on) but if you’d prefer to use clipless cycling shoes, you can discuss your options with the Peloton customer experience team before purchasing and it’s likely that the company will install caged pedals on the bike.

If you’ve already purchased your bike with clip-in pedals and you want to go clipless, don’t fret! You can still swap out the pedals you have for the caged version, you’ll just have to purchase and install them yourself. If clipless shoes are what you’re going for, we still recommend investing in a pair of cycling-specific shoes, two of which you’ll find in this very buying guide.

Cleat type: get it right

If clip-in shoes are more your vibe and you want to take advantage of the performance benefits they bring (a more secure fit thus better control and power transfer) you should know that there are different types available on the market and you can’t just buy whichever takes your fancy without doing a bit of research first. 

Most clip-in shoes will consist of two main components: the shoe itself and the cleat. The cleat is the part which attaches via screws to the sole of the shoe and locks into the pedal. However, please note that there are two main types of cleat systems and only one is compatible with your Peloton bike.

The two types are SPD and Delta (also known as DELTA LOOK or SPD-SL). Peloton uses the latter. However, not all exercise bikes use this format. The UK-based Peloton rival Apex, for example, ships with SPD pedals. These are smaller in shape than Delta and won’t fit in a Peloton bike even if you try really hard.

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