The best garden gadgets 2018

Gadgets and tools that will help you tame the wilderness outside your window

A man’s garden is his kingdom. Is that a famous saying? It sounds like it should be a famous saying. It’s pompous, it’s regal, it’s needlessly dramatic. 

As an added bonus, it’s also true. Gardens can be hard work though, thanks to the amount of maintenance that’s necessary to keep them from blooming into an overgrown Jumanji-esque jungle when you turn your back on it.

You need to water the plants, mow the lawn, get rid of the leaves, and you might have to do this while you have pets and children running around too. It’s essentially a full-time job but without the pay or the pension perks.

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The good news is that as technology advances, there are easier ways to keep our garden in check from the obvious (a simple garden rake) to the impressive (an automatic lawnmower).

Here are the gadgets and tools that will help you tame the wild beast that is your garden, ensuring you can continue your long reign as its one and only king.  

Our pick of the top garden gadgets to buy today


It is, quite possibly, the longest garden hose in the world

Reasons to buy
+40 metres long! That’s essentially a small country
Reasons to avoid
-You can get cheaper, shorter options- It’s more money than anyone should ever spend on a hose

We have no idea how big your garden is. It might be a tiny patch of grass hemmed in by rickety wooden fences, it might be a small barbeque area where a wooden table rocks on an uneven stony floor. But whatever size your garden is, this is the hose that will cover it all as it reaches 40 metres long. If your garden is big enough that it needs a hose of this size, it’s basically a small country. You might as well start creating your own passports and visas for people who visit. It also has a child lock, 180 pivot, and can be removed from the wall bracket to be stored away during the cold winter months. It is, if such a thing exists, the Perfect Hose. 


The lazy option

Reasons to buy
+ Does everything for you+Fairly quiet so can be timed for night
Reasons to avoid
-The price-Needs a perimeter wire

If you have a garden, you know it comes with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities if mowing the damn thing so it doesn’t look like the movie set from Jumanji after a few weeks. You might think that means lugging a loud, noisy motorised chopping blade up and down your lawn in the summer while it spews thick clouds of diesel into the air. Not so. The Husqvarna 101 Automower does everything for you. You adjust the height, set the timer, then get on with your life as it trundles around your garden trimming all the grass. It’s quiet too, like a sleek bit of technology that has stealth-warped its way from the future and onto your patch of grass. It even self-charges when not in use and can tackle inclines of 25%.

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It’s a giant snowglobe but for summer and in your garden

Reasons to buy
+Looks incredible+Very easy to set up
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for tall people-Works best at night  

This is it. This is proof that you’ve made it in life. This is a giant snowglobe, albeit it in summer, without snow, and large enough to fit an entire family inside. And it looks spectacular. Ironically, this works best when the British sun has done its usual disappearing act and we won’t just mean night-time. This garden igloo really stands out when its light get a chance to pierce through the gloomy dark or overcast days, even making light rain seem strangely atmospheric. It doesn’t come with a floor but clamps and sandbag weights help keep it anchored in wind and as it’s not a permanent fixture, you don’t need planning permission to set this up in your garden either. Classy, sophisticated and sure to make everyone else envious.


The ideal choice for the multi-tasking gardener

Reasons to buy
+Water 20 plants at the same time! +Plenty of add-ons means you can expand and modify your set-up
Reasons to avoid
-Can be temperamental-Quite tricky to set up properly  

Setting up this system also means it’s easy to water your plants little by little throughout the day, rather than plumping for one major watering session (is that what it’s called? Watering session?) and ticking it off your household chores list. It has a pressure reducer, tubing, stakes, drippers and wall clips, so you can set up a labyrinth of piping through your garden that waters all of your plants. It’s even a perfect way to start building your own greenhouse, if you own day dream of living off your own homegrown fruit and veg and living off grid. You can buy further add-ons if you need to water more plants, so you’re not stuck with the initial set.