Best flip flops for men 2021: set your feet free this summer

Contrary to popular belief, flip flops can be stylish and comfortable, so here are the best flip flops for men for sweat-free feet this summer

The best flip flops for men

Yes, we understand it’s hard to let go of the trainers that you’ve been comfortably walking around in all winter. 

But when you’re constantly take them off to find wet socks and an increasingly lingering smell, it’s a sure sign that it’s time to put them away.

When it comes to choosing the best flip flops for men, we’re staying well clear of the cheap ones that you can pick up for £5 from your local high street. 

If you want the best, we’ll give you the best and that means designer names, superior quality and subtle styling that eloquently shouts designer footwear over market stool sorry states… and you’ll thank us when the bridge of your foot and the bit between your toes aren’t ripped to shreds, too. 

When it comes to purchasing the best flip flops, those looking for contemporary style should check out the DAN WARD Cross-toe rubber flip flops and for something more traditional, we suggest you take a look at the A.P.C. Suede Slides A.P.C. Suede Slides from popular Mr Porter. 

ORLEBAR BROWN Logo-Print Rubber Slides

1. ORLEBAR BROWN Logo-Print Rubber Slides

A poolside staple for any holiday

Reasons to buy
+Great for avoiding to wedgies

Traditional flip flops aren’t for everyone; after all not everyone can expect to find a piece of material in between the toes comfortable. This is wear slides come in. 

Made popular by high street sporting brands, these shoes are a great poolside alternative to flip flops and with these ones by Orlebar Brown being both lightweight and shaped to mould around the feet, you can’t really go wrong.  

PAUL SMITH Dinosaur flip-flops

2. PAUL SMITH Dinosaur flip-flops

Because who doesn’t like dinosaur flip flops

Reasons to buy
+Will earn you serious appreciation points

Created by British designer Paul Smith, these are more than just your standard pair of flip flops. 

There are probably plenty of flip flops with dinosaurs on them, but none so tastefully and adultishly done than these ones. With their rubber sole and plastic upper, they’re perfect slipping on around the pool or wearing on a relaxed evening around town. 

The best flip flops for men

3. DAN WARD Cross-toe rubber flip flops

Style it out, with these modern creations from Dan Ward

Reasons to buy
+ Distinctive crossover strap offer something different to the table

If you’re looking for a pair of traditional flip flops, these ones from Danward are a great start. They’ll set you back £70, but they’re guilty of that subtle designer detailing that tells people that they aren’t just any pair of flip flops. 

With their crossover yellow strap design, these flip flops comfortably encompass the big toe to avoid any discomfort, with their rubber base providing solid footing for support as you mooch around the pool.  

A.P.C. Suede Slides

4. A.P.C. Suede Slides

Offering more support than the average flip flop, these are a good day shoe

Reasons to buy
+Contoured cork footbeds for additional support

If you love a Birk but you’re looking for something a touch more refined, these sandals from Mr Porter could be just the things you’re looking for. 

They feature a soft suede upper, with wide straps for additional foot support, while the contoured cork soles should ensure your feet remain comfortable as your stride around town. 

River Island Leather Flip Flop In Black

5. River Island Leather Flip Flop In Black

Comfortable and stylish, dress these flip flops down or up

Reasons to buy
+ Soft leather straps for all day comfort 

These black leather flip flops from River Island are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a pair that you can transition from day to night. 

Whether you’re pairing them with your swimming shorts to the pool or your tailored wear to the restaurant, these flip flops are a holiday staple that won’t set the pockets back to far, either. 

GUCCI Web flip-flops

6. GUCCI Web flip-flops

The cream of the crop has to be these quietly superior flip flops from Gucci

Reasons to buy
+Stamped with the Gucci logo

The designer quality is in the detailing of these flip flops; from the shape of the sole, to the refinement in the strap. 

Crowned by the Gucci logo, it’s enough to say that these flip flops are expensive, and with their urban chic appearance, they make the perfect smart casual pair for strolling around cities and visiting restaurants. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Wittlebury Flip Flops Logo

Designer needn’t be expensive

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for the beach and the pool

While, in any other circumstance a basic pair of flip flops will probably set you back around £5 or so, these ones from Ralph Lauren come with the designer name stylishly embellished on both the sole and the strap of the flip flops, giving them an edge over other the standard designs. 

The flat foot base and rubbered straps make them ideal for slipping on to the pool and the beach.