Best basketball shoes 2021: 7 shoes to improve your hang time, or just look more fly

Rule the court, or the high street, with the best basketball shoes from Nike and other brands (but mainly Nike)

Best basketball shoes 2018

Playing basketball is all about staying on your toes and quick responses, and the best basketball shoes have evolved to reflect that, giving support and comfort, yet allowing you to show off your flair. Of course, most b-ball shoes are worn by men and women who never venture anywhere near any hoop other than the Hula variety, but whatever your position, be it Centre, or shopping centre, these are the best basketball shoes.

How to buy the best basketball shoes

Whether you’re a power player or a fast player, there are a few main features to consider when purchasing the best basketball shoes for you. 

Grip is important, especially for indoor basketball, as you want to be able to make quick movements without slipping, and secondly, cushioning will provide impact protection and support on your feet and knees when shooting hoops. 

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These two things will reduce risk of injury and improve technique whether you are training for competitions or playing recreationally. 

From high tops to funky colours and laces, we’ve picked out a range of the best basketball shoes for you to choose from to suit your game play. Check them out below!

The best basket ball shoes

1. Nike PG2

Vibrant and lightweight, you won’t go unseen on the court in these

Reasons to buy

This brightly coloured basketball shoe has been designed with versatility in mind. Lightweight yet durable, the Nike PG2 is a great shoe for all types of player, with high tops that are supportive and cushioned soles to soften the impact on your feet and knees. 

Mesh panels keep these shoes breathable and the lace up fastening is great for supporting the foot and avoiding injuries such as ankle rolling. Not only are these functional, but they’re stylish too, and you can guarantee you won’t be missed on the court in these funky colours. 

2. Nike Kyrie 4

Flexible and cushioned to move with ease around the court

Reasons to buy
+Great grip+Ultra-thick cushioning 

If you want to be able to glide around the court, then you can expect these cushioned basketball shoes to give you the support and flexibility you need. They have a grooved bottom for excellent traction and curved edges on the sole which are designed to make movement smooth. 

The thick layer of Nike Zoom Air cushioning will make these shoes soft to wear and very responsive when jumping and landing with support. The design is smart with a vibrant heel that really stands out on the court. 


3. Nike Jordan Why Not Zero.1

A unique style shoe for extra ankle support

Reasons to buy
+Very supportive on the ankles+Cushioned

If it’s ankle support that you’re after, then these unique style high-tops have got you covered. These shoes are designed to be tight and grip your foot for a much more supportive feel than regular sneakers. They have a Velcro fastening and a fused-mesh construction which hugs the foot and reduces risk of injury. 

The responsive cushioning also eases pressure on your joints when jumping, so you can be even more versatile and dynamic of the court. The style isn’t for everyone but they come in a range of funky designs to choose from. 

Under armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes

4. Under Armour Curry 4 Basketball Shoes

A lightweight shoe to keep you nimble and fast on the court

Reasons to buy
+Structured fit+Smart design

The Curry 4 is a simple yet structured shoe that you can expect to keep you feeling supported on the basketball court. With a cross-centric traction pattern, these shoes boast great grip both indoors and outdoors and the speed plate is designed for underfoot structure and durability. 

The mesh and knit outer is seamless and the overall design is basic but attractive. High tops and laces mean you’ll feel supported all the way up to your ankle during gameplay. 

Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017

5. Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017

These snug fitting knit shoes feel supportive and flexible

Reasons to buy
+Soft and flexible feel+Gum rubber sole

These knitted basketball shoes from Adidas feel soft and flexible, allowing your feet to move freely around the court without restriction. The high-top style is supportive on the ankle with laces allowing you to adjust the tightness of these shoes depending on your preference. 

With thick gum rubber soles, you can also expect these basketball shoes to provide excellent grip when playing on both indoor and outdoor courts and the textile material will keep your feet cool even after hours of gameplay. 

Under armour Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

6. Under Armour Drive 4 Basketball Shoes

An all-round supportive shoe with EVA midsole

Reasons to buy
+Compression moulded soles+Firm cushioned heels

If you’re looking for maximum support, then the Drive 4 basketball shoe is firm but lightweight, allowing for ease of movement on the court. The high tops have a moulded ankle collar which is structured and supportive, making these shoes a snug yet comfortable fit. 

You’ll also have compression moulded EVA soles which you can expect to be extra spongy, easing pressure on joints when jumping. The heels remain firm with rubber traction patterns that make them non-slip with great grip on any type of court. 

Adidas Men’s Dame 4 Fitness Shoes

7. Adidas Men’s Dame 4 Fitness Shoes

A more relaxed shoe for training and recreational play

Reasons to buy
+Flexible outer +Choice of designs

If you don’t like high-tops, then these Adidas basketball shoes have a much more relaxed style which is favourable for training or more casual play. They are lightweight and breathable, allowing for ease of movement around the court, and have a textured sole for good grip when moving about. With a range of colours and designs to choose from, these are a functional and stylish basketball shoe for all types of player.