The 5 best teeth whiteners 2017

Want pearly white teeth?

Life is full of problems. We want money but don’t want to work. We love eating food but don’t want to be fat. We also want our teeth to be sparkling pearls of joy but don’t want to go to the dentist. That's where a good toothbrush and a top-rate teeth whitening kit come in to play. And, if you are looking for a teeth whitening kit then you've come to the right place, as here we have the five best teeth whiteners on the market.

Don't want a top five list? Just want a single, best of all the rest recommendation? Then consider the Briyte Teeth Whitening Kit as the teeth whitening kit you should go out and buy.

There’s no solution to getting money without working for it – you could marry a royal if it means that much to you – but there is a way to turn your teeth into gleaming beacons of light without paying someone to poke around in your mouth. Several ways in fact, thanks to the teeth whitening market, which has exploded in recent times and provided us with more choice than we know what to do with.

Teeth whiteners aren’t just useful if you’re a heavy smoker or have teeth stained from years of throwing back coffees and wines to get through the day. Everyone benefits from having shiny white teeth and these are the best teeth whiteners to give you the confidence boost you need for that perfect smile.

Our pick of the top teeth whiteners you can buy today

If you want an all-singing, all-dancing kit to banish those unholy stains on your teeth to the shadow realm, Briyte Teeth Whitening Kit has everything you need. It’s expensive but your money gets you whitening gels, mouth trays, mouth LED lights (!), batteries for those LED lights (!!!). If you’re wondering why you have to put LED lights in your mouth, you’ve already understood the main problem with the Briyte Teeth Whitening kit – it’s not easy to use. A user manual helps but the mouth trays aren’t particularly flexible and won’t fit all mouths. There’s no arguing with the results though, which is teeth that become brighter than anything else outside of a professional dentist appointment could accomplish.

Teeth whitening strip kits seem to be hit and miss, dentists often suggesting to start with the cheapest and work your way up to the more expensive kits. That way, you can find out which kits you prefer and get used to them. To save you time and effort, Grinigh Whitestrips is the best all-round teeth whitening strip kit you can buy. Thankfully, the strips are easier to apply than the name is to say and they’ll stay on your teeth. They also work well with sensitive teeth and gums, which makes Grinigh Whitestrips the perfect choice for those who want to try teeth-whitening strips but are unsure where to start or what effect they’ll have.

Teeth whitening usually involves sticking strips to your teeth. Or pouring peroxide into mouth-guards. Or both, if you’re particularly obsessed with white pearlers/rich/afraid of your dentist/have teeth like the Wicked Witch of the West (delete as appropriate). Not everything involves such drastic measures though. AP-24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste does exactly what the name suggests – it whitens (‘Whitening’), it cleans (‘Flouride’), it’s toothpaste (‘toothpaste’), it has a cool pre-fix to make it sound all sciency and mystical (‘AP-24’). This won’t turn your yellowed horrors into gleaming beacons of hope for smokers and coffee addicts worldwide but it will help win the war against your discoloured teeth. Given all you’re doing is swapping one toothpaste for another, and it doesn’t have any abrasive or peroxide elements to it, that’s a very fair trade-off.

You can go for strips. You can try whitening toothpaste. But if you really want teeth that will blind those you smile at, you need to stump up the cash for a teeth whitening kit. Teeth Whitening Kit Advanced Gel from Harvey&Coco has incredible results without breaking your bank balance. Although these kits can be intimidating, as you have to essentially fit a plastic denture first, the instructions make it really easy to use. The mouth guards are flexible enough to fit all sorts of teeth arrangements, no matter how wonky they are (within reason) and the bleaching doesn’t leave teeth sensitive afterwards.

Charcoal. Yes, you read that right. Charcoal. It’s not just a fancy name either, in the same way that a hairdryer might be called ‘tornado’ or a protein powder might be called ‘Michelin Man muscles’. Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder actually uses charcoal, but you won’t be scrubbing your teeth with blackened bits of wood. Rather, it’s a polish made with “finely ground food grade activated charcoal, ideal for dental use.” It’s the sort of sorcery that’s allowed them to make a teeth whitener that doesn’t use chemicals and is also fairly cheap. You might get more effective results with fancier expensive options but if you want something that’s natural and cheap and gets your teeth sparkling white, Activated Charcoal is a strong option.

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