The best iPhone X deals for Christmas 2017

Plus iPhone X SIM-free price as well as all the iPhone 10 deals and order info


Thinking of buying Apple's super new iPhone? Here are all the best iPhone X deals for you. 

SIM-free, the iPhone X is £999/$999 for the 64GB version. The 256GB iPhone X is £1,149/$1,149

Apple finance deal - remember that Apple does its own financing deal which can often be better value than the networks (you can then get a SIM-only deal). For the iPhone X 64GB this is  £47.95/$49.91 USD per month and £55.15/$56.16 USD per month for the 256GB. This a 24 month deal. Buy an iPhone from Apple US or Apple UK

Some great deals from

iPhone X 64GB

£27PM, 3GB Data, £519.99 upfront with O2

iPhone X 64GB

£51PM, 5GB Data, £169.99 upfront with O2

iPhone X 256GB

£56PM, 10GB Data, £300 upfront with O2

iPhone X 256GB

£47.99PM, 25GB Data, £360.99 upfront with EE

The best iPhone X deals for UK and US carriers


The best iPhone X deals for UK networks

Here is all the information we've received from carriers and retailers, although the details are somewhat limited at the moment. You can register to pre-order, though. 


The iPhone X will be available on a wide range of EE plans starting from £57.99 per month (with an upfront fee). As an example - the iPhone X 64GB  is available on a EE Max plan for £72.99 per month plus a one off  £99.99 upfront fee which offers 15GB of monthly data. Customers who take out this plan will also enjoy a new iPhone every single year with EE Annual Upgrade. Meanwhile iPhone X 256GB is available on a 4GEE Max plan for £82.99 per month plus a one off  £79.99 upfront fee which offers 15GB of monthly data. 

EE also has a UK network exclusive for the cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3

Order iPhone X from EE


The iPhone X will be available on tariffs starting at £62 per month with an upfront cost of £99.99 for an iPhone X 64GB and come with 1GB data plus unlimited minutes and texts to UK mobiles and landlines. The plan can also be used when roaming in Europe. 

Order iPhone X from O2

Sky Mobile

Prices for the iPhone X on Sky Mobile start at £42 for an iPhone X 64GB, with 500MB of data and Unlimited Calls and Texts for Sky TV customers.

Order iPhone X from Sky Mobile

Tesco Mobile

Tesco is offering the iPhone X 64GB with 3000 mins/5000 texts/4GB of data for £52.49 per month and the the 256GB version for £5.50 more per month. It'll be available from 3 Nov and you can pre-register before then. 

Pre-register for iPhone X from Tesco Mobile


Three is offering iPhone X on a 24 month Advanced contract starting at £79 upfront with a monthly cost of £68 for 12GB and All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) texts and minutes. All Advanced plans include Go Roam.

Order iPhone X from Three


The iPhone X is available at Vodafone UK and anybody ordering ANY iPhone from Voda until 20 December on an 16GB plan or above will receive 10GB of extra data each month. You'll also get an extended 24-month warranty.

Vodafone's iPhone X pricing starts at £62 per month for a 4GB tariff (£200 upfront).

Our pick of the tariffs will give you 16GB of data a month with a £150 upfront contribution and £68 per month. 

Order iPhone X from Vodafone

Carphone Warehouse 

iPhone X is available to order from Carphone Warehouse right now! 

Order the iPhone X from Carphone Warehouse

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