Video App-Off: iPhone vs Android Gaming applications

It's Flight Control vs Maths Workout

Image 1 of 3 Android
Maths Workout is available for free on the Android Marketplace
Image 2 of 3 App Store
Flight Control costs 59p on the App Store
Image 3 of 3 App Off
Chris and Rhi battle underground in the latest App-Off

The latest battle for the applications crown

The Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP may not be running for the hills just yet, but the gaming applications on the Apple iPhone 3G and the Google Android mobile OS are starting to give them a canter for their cash.

And games are the subject of our latest Video App-Off where we place the iPhone 3G up against the Android Marketplace in a weekly bid to crown the king of the app stores.

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This week Chris and Rhi have taken to the home of boredom, the London Underground, to test out the best time passers. Chris is boasting Flight Control from the App Store, while Rhi has taken the more intellectual route with the Brain Training-style Maths Workout on the Android-loaded HTC Magic.

Check out the video to see which app comes out on top.


Apple | HTC Magic


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