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Full review: Is the game a worthy partner for Tron: Legacy?

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A disappointing movie tie-in from Disney

Devs Propaganda have a bunch of ex-Prince of Persia bods on their team. So it's not really a surprise that this tie-in eschews the first-person adventuring of Monolith's excellent 2003 Tron entry 2.0 in favour of jazzy parkour antics. Does their experience translate well?

Erm, nope. Everything's charmlessly contrived and shamelessly (but poorly) ripped from PoP. The frustratingly regular slew of baddies being slung at our faceless, voiceless cipher of a 'hero' (named, fittingly, Anon) all look largely identical, yet are capable of taking you down pretty quickly unless you utilise the right weapon/tactics.

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We hung on in through the frequent bad times in the hope that, once we'd purchased some software upgrades, things might improve. They did, but only a bit.

The narrative, and frequent cutscenes, actually comprise the best bits of the game - providing a neat, tangible backstory to the events in the upcoming blockbuster flick.

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Such a shame Tron's trademark visual aesthetic, which should be at once utterly unique and neonliciously sumptuous - feels horribly muted, the palette criminally subdued.

This engine even conspires to make the delicious Olivia Wilde look frumpy! The final indignity? Those supposedly seminal light cycle bits, now reduced to interminably dull on-rails affairs. Just look back at how 2.0 dealt with them...

All told then, an anti climax. Numbingly ordinary, with nary a hint of a Disney mega budget...

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