Toshiba Satellite L755-13F review

New L Series Satellite launched

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Toshiba recently launched its new L Series Satellites, aimed at the average consumer who needs a well-priced portable that can run everyday tasks, with added multimedia features. The Satellite L755-13F is one of the new models and while its multimedia potential is limited, it’s still a well-built and usable machine

A previous-generation Intel Core i3 processor runs the show, and while we would have preferred a new Sandy Bridge model, we found the Satellite L755 handled everything we threw at it. Bear in mind that you might want to upgrade in a couple of years to a more powerful model.

Unfortunately, while some machines at this price point have a dedicated graphics card for rendering images, the L755 makes do with basic integrated graphics, where the processor handles all the heavy lifting. You can still watch HD video and edit your photos, but if you want to edit your home movies or play some games, you’ll have to look elsewhere for your new portable pal.

Still, the screen is brighter than many of its competitors and a perfect means of viewing your photos, with rich colours and strong contrast. You also have VGA and HDMI outputs if you want to connect an external display. Audio playback isn't a strength sadly, with typically weak output. Audiophiles will want to use headphones or a pair of external speakers.

If you love getting online, the built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi allows you to hook up to a wireless network. There's plenty of space on the Satellite L755’s generous 640GB hard drive for storing your files and media. Three USB ports can be used to attach peripherals, one of which features sleep-and-charge technology, for charging your portable devices when the laptop’s powered down.

The Satellite L755 is also highly portable, making it a good choice if you want to stay creative on the move. We managed three hours of use when watching films off the hard drive, even with all the power settings turned to maximum. This laptop's bright white chassis can be carried around when needed, with a weight of 2.5kg. It's also solidly built, with only a little flex around the DVD drive.

While the Satellite L755's keyboard looks and feels a little plastic, it does the job well. The keys are well sized, stretching the entire width of the chassis, and it's a quiet board so you won't disturb others when you're typing. We also liked the touchpad, which at first glance appears to be rather cramped but makes up for it with its sensitivity.

Toshiba Satellite L755 launch date: Out now

Toshiba Satellite L755 UK price: £499

Link: Toshiba