Toshiba 55WL768 review

Full review: Toshiba slim and stylish 3D TV makes its debut

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Toshiba WLT768 front
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Toshiba WL768 side

Outstanding 2D performance, but 3D disappoints

Toshiba may be coming late to the 3D party, but it hopes to make a splash with the spectacular 55WL768. Just 29mm thin, it’s the largest screen to benefit from the brand’s collaboration with the Jacob Jensen Design studio (better known for its minimalist work with Bang & Olufsen). This sleek, Edge-LED set sports both a Freeview HD and satellite DVB-S tuner - and naturally, it’s 3D ready.

This 55-incher is extremely well built. The edge-to-edge glass-fronted panel looks marvellous, even when switched Off, and it sits on a heavy pedestal with distinctive alloy V neck.

There’s a full complement of connections: four HDMI inputs, component, phono AV, PC (with minijack audio), and Scart. There’s also an optical digital output and aerial/dish connections. In addition to Ethernet, the set has integrated Wi-Fi (so no need to purchase a separate dongle), plus two USB inputs.

Toshiba 55WL768: 3D picture quality

We ran the set with a selection of 3D Blu-rays and settled in for a three dimensional shoot-em-up with COD: Black Ops, only to conclude that crosstalk is an inescapable problem. There is no provision for tuning 2D sources into 3D – the brand is saving this party trick for its CEVO-Engine range due out early 2011.

While this set’s 3D capabilities left us as cold as an artic snap, its 2D Full HD performance gets a much warmer reception. Picture quality is crisp and dynamic.
The 55WL768 features the most advanced iteration of Toshiba’s picture refresh technology, Active Vision M200 Pro, plus Resolution + and Film Stabilization. This trio exert a massive influence on overall picture performance.

Fine detail is terrific and motion resolution excellent. We think this makes the screen a great choice for HD sports and film fans. The set’s only Achilles’ heal is a slightly uneven backlight.

Sonically, the 55WL768 can be considered average (which actually constitutes high praise for any super-slim LED model these days). There’s enough mid-range to make general viewing passable, but avoid the ‘Cinema’ audio mode. Unless you want to recreate what a movieplex sounds like should you be eavesdropping from outside the fire exit. . . in a busy street. . . with Nachos stuffed in your ears.

This TV may be DLNA certified but it isn’t happy about streaming media across a network. Next to no video files on our test NAS were recognised. AVIs, XviD, MKVs etc all got the cold shoulder. However, these same files did play back when accessed from a local USB flash drive. On the plus side, there is direct access to BBC iPlayer and YouTube.

Overall, we think the 55WL768 is strikingly capable Hi-def telly, producing an excellent Blu-ray picture and backed by some strong technical features. It's certainly one of the best large screen LED sets we've seen this year at this price. Our advice to buyers is Ebay-off the 3D spex which come free in the box and vow never to enter the third dimension ever again.

Toshiba 55WL768 release date: Out now, find out more from Toshiba

Toshiba 55WL768 price: Around £1800

Toshiba 55WL768 Specifications:

  • Screen: 55-inches
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Type: LED Backlit
  • TV Tuner: Freeview HDl
  • Connections: 4x HDMI, PC, Digital LAN, Digital Audio Out, Component, Composite, 3.5mm, Scart, 2x USB
  • Audio: 30 Watt (3x 10 watt)
  • Dimensions: 852x356x1283mm/34kg