Top Sport Apps: The sporty content to get you going

Come rain, shine or snow these apps will get you active

Forget the footy boots, grab your app packing mobile

ESPNCricinfo Mobicast
Powered by ESPNCricinfo, the world’s leading cricket portal, the app delivers live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, one-click access to schedules, breaking news and photos of every single International cricket game.
It also features Podcasts from Cricket experts such as Ian Chappell, Tony Greig and Geoffrey Boycott to boot. If you’re a cricket fan you’ll also really like mobile-optimised images from Getty Images of recent fixtures and players training.
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SportsTracker Pro
This is the app for those who like to get fit, as well as muddy, wet and a little bruised and battered. Once you enable GPS, the app gets to work. If you are a cyclist, you choose that category and add in any other details you want like giving your race a name.
The app will track how fast you are going, what your distance is, how long you have been going for and other statistics. You can also view a map of where you are going.
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This is one of the best apps we have used for sport information, due to the sheer amount of news and stuff inside. Click in ‘futbol’ and you can get news from all the main leagues from around the world. There’s even stuff on golf, NFL and tennis.
It may take a while to load but once you are in, you’ll be reading it for hours. The app even gives you the times that games are set to start – a real win for any of us who have been stung by the TV stations changing kick-off time to suit their programme needs.
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With a combination of preloaded resort maps and GPS tracking, the promise of SatSki is the ability to relive your ski run over a couple of cheeky Apres Ski Vin Chauds.
It boasts an impressive 100 supported resorts, each with a 2D piste map and a built in list of lifts, runs and restaurants. It’ll let you look up any of these and provide the best route from one to the other. It offers a decent estimation of time and distance plus a visual route on the piste map.
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Premierscores has been around for a good few years and it offers a veritable cornucopia of information on any given team in the top leagues around Europe.
Once you’ve entered your favourite team on the sign in screen, you get information on the latest scores, team sheets, transfer news and general goings on with your team. On top of that, there are live scores and notifications every time there’s a goal in another match. If it’s just score updates it’s you're after probably not for you, but if you want all the info then check it out.
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