TomTom GO Live 1005 review

This top end 5-inch sat nav is a serious tool for regular drivers

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TomTom GO Live 1005
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TomTom GO Live 1005 MOUNT

Fantastic live services and design, but this new 5-inch TomTom isn't without its niggles

TomTom’s new range-topper has the same functionality as the TomTom Go Live 1000, but this unit ups the ante with a delicious 5-inch display (complete with very accurate touch including pinch to zoom. The new line of devices also comes with a slim magnetised mount.

They also have various Live Services including HD Traffic, provided with a year’s sub (renewal is currently £47.50 for the second year). And, as this is a pan-European sat nav, the services will work in the other countries you have mapping for too. Although Live Services on some sat navs add little of note or use, here they turn a very capable unit into quite a heavy-duty tool that reacts to what’s happening on the road.

This is not a weekend navigation device, but for regular, every day drivers who need to be kept constantly in the loop. HD Traffic is effective in its location data, though its listed delay times can be awry - how can driving in a 50mph zone for five miles in traffic be noted as a delay of zero minutes? The speed camera info is better - the device was able to point out current information on a pesky mobile speed camera on the M40 that had presumably been reported by another user.

TomTom’s IQ Routes tech is used to help calculate directions (quickly, too) in the past we’ve had issues with previous devices. However, here we found we could really depend on the routing.

The GPS seems incredibly accurate 98 per cent of the time and takes next to no time to get a fix (it’s assisted GPS thanks to the Live Services). But we had one issue - despite knowing that we’re going to turn off, the arrow continues on the road we’d just left rather than following our actual route up the slip road. Not a massive problem, but we’re surprised that it throws a wobbly like this.

The actual mapping is typical TomTom – clean, crisp and accurate, while you can also pinch-to-zoom too. The menu system is also clear to use while driving, but sometimes the wealth of information and similar options on offer can be a little distracting.

Finding Points of Interest are an issue; if your chosen POI isn’t near your current location it’s really quite difficult to find what you’re looking for. You also can’t add your own POIs. So having Google Local Search is a boon here – it’s a lot easier just to search for something by name rather than having to dig down through the categorised list. We think the way in which you find POIs on the device is a bit of a mess and could be improved drastically.

Voice control is fairly smooth, while the device is also a workable hands free phone controller too. A super device with a fantastic screen, but unless you want a top-end device, you might prefer to look at a cheaper device with TomTom Live Services.

When we reviewed the GO Live 1000 we gave it five stars, with it's larger touchscreen the TomTom Go Live 1005 is even better. It's high-end device and is priced as such. But, if you’re a regular driver doing plenty of miles you’ll find it an invaluable driving companion, despite a few niggles.

TomTom GO Live 1005 release date: Out now, link TomTom

TomTom GO Live 1005 price: £240-£290 online

TomTom GO Live 1005 Specifications:

  • Screen: 5-inches
  • Resolution: 480x272
  • Processor: ARM Cortex A8, 800 Mhz
  • Memory: 4GB int
  • Battery: 2 hours autonomous
  • Dimensions/weight: 143x88x19mm/266g