Tech rumours: video round-up

Examining all the talk about the most anticipated gadgets

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T3 check out the latest speculation on the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Wii 2

Like the most ardent fanboys, T3 is always looking a little further ahead to try and uncover what's next in the pipeline for the major tech players.

How will the new iPhone look? How does Nintendo plan to woo gamers once again? These are questions that the entire tech world is attempting to second guess. Helping you catch up on the very latest, you can check out our video round-ups on the most aniticpated gadgets, all in one place.

See below for our latest tech rumours video round-up

Watch the Apple iPhone 5 rumour video

Watch the Apple iPad 3 rumour video

Watch the Nintendo Wii 2 rumour video

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