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Great value iPod dock with built-in CD player

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TEAC’s latter day ghetto blaster, the SR100I Aurb combines pop-out iPod dock, FM radio and slot-loading CD player to great effect in this elegant elliptical design. Factor in a USB port that’ll play MP3s straight from your flash drive and it’s as format-flexible as you’ll find.

Clearly inspired by the B&W Zeppelin and Meridian F80, the Aurb packs an equally powerful 2x50W amp into its similarly styled cabinet. The big difference is the price, with this pretender being built to a fraction of the budget of both models, so you’re actually getting a lot more bang for your buck, but with a little less finesse.

Little touches, like the way the docking bracket glides out from the smooth front fascia to accept your iPod, ensure this classy dock remains in a similar league though.

The tapered shape is apparently the perfect form to accommodate the two-way stereo speakers, bass reflex ports and associate electronics. It also provides a good amount of space between the speakers, which achieve a convincing stereo imaging when you’re sitting in front.

It’s a powerful sound too, backed up with prodigious bass that can really shift some air when called for. In fact the Aurb loves nothing more than to rock out with soaring guitars and explosive drums. The bass isn't as punchy as the Geneva Sound S, but it fills the room nicely. And at the other end of the scale, the treble is a touch splashy. It compliments the boomy bass though, so the combined effect is an engaging sound that grabs your attention and delivers a compelling enough performance for this price.

And if you still treasure your CD collection, the slot-loading disc player could be the Aurb’s killer feature. A well-produced CD album still trumps overly compressed MP3 files after all and the sound here is fairly clean and crisp.

The USB port isn’t able to read an external hard disc drive sadly, but it is very quick to access tunes on a thumb drive. The front panel controls make it easy to switch between sources and you also get an excellent surfboard-shaped remote control for armchair operation.

A battery to make this beat box truly portable would have been nice, but if this and the lack of any wi-fi music streaming features doesn’t faze you and you’re in the market for a bass-heavy boom box with all formats covered, this could be the dock for you.

Teac Aurb price: £240

Teac Aurb release date: Out now, find out more from Teac