Sports Watches: The Group Test

Train smarter with a GPS runner's watch

Image 1 of 5 Nike TomTom Sportwatch GPS
Nike+ TomTom Sportwatch GPS
Image 2 of 5 Polar RS300X G1
Polar RS300X G1
Image 3 of 5 Adidas Adistar GT
Adidas Adistar GT
Image 4 of 5 Timex Iron Man Global Trainer
Timex Iron Man Global Trainer
Image 5 of 5 Garmin Forerunner 410
Garmin Forerunner 410

With the summer fast approaching and the London marathon getting us in the mood, it's time to don those shoes and hit the graveled track. Baring that in mind these GPS enabled watches can track your route, pace and vital statistics and are easy to check whilst running. The best of them are also stacked with online features, allowing you to track your progress and compare with fellow runners around the world.

Best: Triathletes
Timex Iron Man Global Trainer
Love: Multi-sport features
Hate: Complex setup. Poor GPS. Bulky. Buttons tricky to use while running
Timex Iron Man Global Trainer review I Read full review I Link: Timex

Best: Tight budgets
Adidas Adistar GT
Love: Bright screen. Basic but effective features
Hate: Complicated setup, awkward controls. No GPS or online functions
Adidas Adistar GT review I Link: Adidas

Best: Overall
Garmin Forerunner 410
Love: Lots of info, well presented. Good GPS
Hate: A tad bulky
Garmin Forerunner 410 review I Link: Garmin

Best: Heart-rate info
Polar RS300X G1
Love: Extensive built-in training features. Built-in heart-rate monitor
Hate: Poor GPS adaptor. Costly USB adaptor
Polar RS300X G1 review I Link: Polar

Best: Ease of use
Nike+ TomTom Sportwatch GPS
Love: Easy setup
Hate: Poor GPS signal
Nike+ TomTom Sportwatch GPS review I Read full review I Link: Nike