Sony Cyber-shot WX5 review

Full review: Stylish compact with 3D capture and HD movie shooting

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The Sony Cyber-shot WX5 is ideal for 3D shooting but, if we're honest, it could do without it. Superb picture quality and a generous 5x optical zoom makes this compact a near perfect shooter

Sony has a history of embracing 3D technology. From the Sony PS3 Slim to the Sony Bravia HX803 and now the Sony Cyber-shot WX5, the world of 3D is welcomed with open arms where Sony is concerned.

The Sony Cyber-shot WX5, which allows you to take 3D images via Sweep Panorama mode, is a neat and elegant looking compact. It's small but sturdy and very well built and feels good in the hand, with a generos 5x optical zoom. The back of the camera is home to a dedicated movie button, mode dial, playback button, D-pad, menu button and delete button. Complete with well a 2.8-inch LCD, everything on this device is well placed and navigation is pretty much effortless.

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The 12.2-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot WX5 promises extremely low noise images, thanks to it's new Superior Auto mode, which captures a high speed burst of six images (you simply press the shutter button once) and combines these to minimise noise and give a wide dynamic range. Does it deliver? Yes, this new mode does a great job at keeping noise to a minimum.

Sony Cyber-shot WX5: Standout features

Sony Cyber-shot WX5 has several DSLR-alike features, such as the new Background Defocus mode is meant to mimick the effect you get with a DSLR and wide-angle lens. The camera automatically shoots two frames and combines the info resulting in sharp subjects and out of focus backgrounds. It’s a really great feature which works well (although we wouldn't say it's a DSLR replacement), especially for those who enjoy shooting people and are sick of messy, distracting backgrounds.

Talking of people shots, the new Soft Skin mode is bound to be a hit too – successfully making your portraits less harsh by removing blemishes and small wrinkles, without looking ridiculously fake.

So what of that 3D mode? Well the Sony Cyber-shot WX5's 3D Sweep Panorama mode shoots a high speed burst of frames as you move the camera from side-to-side before combining these into a 3D image, which you can view on a 3D TV, or the camera's LCD, by moving it side to side. The images do look good in 3D but the results won't blow you away.

Sony Cyber-shot WX5: Image Quality

We're impressed with the Sony Cyber-shot WX5. As mentioned above the camera provides images with little noise, making it ideal for use in low light. Images are sharp, blur free and the colours are punchy. The various features all provide good-quality images.

We did find bit of jittery movement in the 3D images but think this is probably to be expected; remember this isn't a bulky double-lens camera that 3D cameras usually are. Ultimately it doesn't matter, because the WX5 is a strong offering without 3D anyway.

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Sony Cyber-shot WX5 Specifications

Sensor: 12.2-megapixels
Lens: 5x optical zoom, f/2.4–f/5.9
Screen (size and res): 2.8-inch LCD, 460,800 dots.
Viewfinder (type): LCD
Stabilsation (type): Optical SteadyShot
Video: 1080i
Storage (card and internal): 32MB internal memory, SD, Memory Stick Duo,
Connections: High Speed USB 2.0, Multi use terminal AV / USB/ DCIN
Battery life: 230 shots
Weight/size: 92 x 52 x 22mm, 130g