Sony VAIO L-Series PC review

Sony updates its multitouch all-in-one PC

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The latest update to Sony multi-touch all-in-one PC boast Edge Access technology but does it make this touchscreen PC great? Get the T3 expert view

Sony's updated black L-Series comes with a brilliant 24-inch HD LED backlit screen and solid specs, making this PC screamingly fast to use for touch and multi-media apps. The Japanese tech giant been dabbling in touch technology with great success on its VAIO range of consumer kit and the new L-Series is a great enhancement on its predecessor.

It’s not perfect because, Sony being Sony, the company likes to add on a few hundred quid to punters just for the pleasure of owning its desirable consumer tech. Gamers will also be unforgiving of the jack of all trades multi-media graphics that won’t be pumping out next gen games in HD any time soon. However, it is a thing of beauty and a joy to use.

Sony VAIO L-Series: Performance

The Edge Access on our unit has a touch interface on the side so we didn't have to slide our fingers over the whole screen for navigation. It's a unique feature that worked better than we thought it would. In fact, its' something we' d love to see other manufacturers adopt because, with glossy piano black being the this year's hue, most consumer touch kit gets covered in finger prints. It's also adds another great way to interact with the system.

Apart from the so so graphics, Sony is generous with the rest of the specs. Blu-ray movies look great, though the audio playback wasn't as good as HP's Beats Audio TouchSmart.

Sony VAIO L-Series: Features

Sony keeps the lines sleek and still manages to bundle a serious array of ports. You get a HDMI output and input, three USB 2.0s, two USB 3.0s and a good selection of audio jacks. Not a bad selection and made more appealing by beimng kept out of sight.

Sony VAIO L-Series: Specs

Kudos to Sony for not decent specs with Intel's 2.00GHz Core i7-2630QM processor, 8GB of memory, 1TB storage and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M isn't much cop, leaving gamers undervalued. Did managed Crysis 2 on mid-range settings though.

Sony VAIO L-Series: Screen

Sony puts the money in the touchscreen, which is the most important component on an all-in-one product designed for multi-media consumption. The 24-inch LED Backlit HD screen provided rich visual fidelity wtih stunning Blu-ray movie playback, coping well with the dark ambience of the Dark Knight. But it's the touch interface that really completes the picture. Thanks to the decent specs, we didn't suffer any lag problems multi-tasking.

Sony VAIO L-Series: Verdict

Sony does itself proud with another stunning multitouch all-in-one PC. As you'd expect from Sony, it's over-priced but designed beautifully and fast as lightning.