Sony KDL-40NX713 review

Full review: Gorgeous HD TV with for 2D and 3D pictures

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Jaw-dropping image clarity is the calling card for this spectacular Sony TV

Sony’s 40-inch KDL-40NX713 is a delicious Freeview HD LED TV. Although not positioned at the top of the brand’s extensive line-up (this is reserved for the brand’s Signature LX TVs), it delivers a sumptuous picture performance and has a feature spread so generous you’ll be gorging on it for years to come.

Our pupils dilated as soon as we took the 40NX713 from its box. This TV is beautiful. It adopts the brand’s Monolithic Design, a minimalist sculptured approach that allows the panel to gracefully recline by six degrees should you feel the need. Build quality is extremely good.

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The screen attains its 3.2cm thinness courtesy of Dynamic Edge LED backlighting. The dynamic suffix indicates Sony is running some form of controllable dimming for better contrast.

The feature specification is extensive. As the 40NX713 is part of Sony’s network range, it seems fitting that it has integrated Wi-Fi, in addition to the standard Ethernet jack. It also plays sound and vision from USB, including AVI (with SRT subtitles) and MPEG video, however there is no support for MKV. Network streaming is limited to JPEGs, MP3 and AVCHD.

Sony offers a wide selection of IPTV content, via its Bravia Internet Video service. Here’s you’ll find the BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, Sky News, LoveFilm, YouTube and Daily Motion.

You also get access to Qriocity, a music and video streaming service that pulls not just from the Sony libraries but also other content partners. At the time of auditioning, the Qriocity video service was offering a good selection of new titles, including Inception, The Expendables and the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit special. The latter costs £3.49 for the HD version and a pound less for SD. This represents quite a good pound per swimsuit ratio.

Sony KDL-40NX713: 3D picture quality

The NX713 needs to be upgraded with the brand’s TMR-BR1003D Sync transmitter and TDG-BR100B Active Shutter glasses before it’ll transport you to the third dimension. Make the investment and you’ll immediately notice that the set’s 3D performance is generally brighter than much of the competition. There’s depth and precision to its 3D imagery. However, the set is also prone to crosstalk double imaging. This is prevalent on every 3D TV to a lesser of greater extent.

Sony’s 3D glasses are reasonably comfortable, although those wearing prescription spectacles could find them a little tight.

Sony KDL-40NX713: 2D picture quality and audio

2D picture performance is uniformly excellent, with both HD material and SD. The NX713 features MotionFlow 100 Pro framerate enhancement for achingly smooth movement, while its fine detail performance is blisteringly sharp. We measured the set’s motion resolution at a full 1080 lines with Motionflow 100 Pro on its Clear and Clear Plus settings. Not that the screen needs gigaflops of processing power to turn in a decent performance. Turn Motionflow off and you still get between upwards of 750 lines of moving picture detail. Good news if you don’t like the look high framerates give to movie material.

Black levels are plungingly deep.A Full HD test sequence shot around the Tokyo Tower at night reveals terrific depth. Even against a black night sky, the Tower remains gaudily bright, with fine shadow detail stretching back into the night.

Given the thinness of the screen, the audio quality is reasonable enough. There are some sound presets to experiment with, but we think you’ll be hankering to add a separate audio system to bolster its output sooner rather than later.

Overall, we rate the 40NX713 as an outstanding LED TV. Its 2D hi-def picture performance befits a high-end screen while 3D is bolstered by helpful user controls. Combine this with an artful design and you have Sony back at the top of its TV game.

This tricked out addition to Sony’s NX network range delivers big when it comes to 2D picture performance and cosmetic design. 3D compatibility is provided almost as an afterthought, but it’s there all the same. Originally listed for around £1,400, this screen can currently be had quite widely for £900, or less, which strikes us as amazingly good value. The KDL-40NX713 comes highly recommended.

Sony KDL-40NX713 release date: Out now, link Sony

Sony KDL-40NX713 price: £800-£1200

Sony KDL-40NX713 Specifications:

  • Screen: 40-inches
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Type: LED backlit LCD
  • TV Tuner: Freeview HD/Analogue
  • Connections: Four HDMI component, Scart, PC D-Sub, Phono AV, USB,
  • Sound: 20w (2 x 8W + 10w)
  • Audio: Nicam Stereo, Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dimensions: 944 x 582 x 32mm/16kg