Skullcandy FIX review

Mid-range in-ear buds that promise to stay put

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  • Design means they stay put
  • You get a lot for your pennies
  • Apple remote/mic


  • Plastic feel
  • Bass-heavy
  • Audiio could be better

Skullcandy has released what it’s touting as the first set of in-ear buds that won’t fall out during movement, even during exercise. Well T3 has taken up that challenge and went for a bit of a jog

Skullcandy’s FIX in-ear earphones are the first buds from the company that make use of a design which it says will guarantee that the earphones stay in the ear, no matter what you’re doing, be it running, rowing, cycling or even just taking a jumper off. Bold claims considering many will know the irritation caused when having to fumble around mid-jog for a rogue ear-bud that’s decided to make a bid for freedom.

Skullcandy FIX Build quality:
What you get in the box is actually surprisingly considerable. For your £49.99 you’ll get the earphones, three sets of different sized buds (small, medium and large) and a neat case within which to place it all. The case is sturdy and discreet with a ‘carbon-fibre’ look about it, making it one of the few cases you may actually end up using regularly.

The headphones however don’t scream premium with an entirely plastic body and a 3.5mm jack that looks worryingly like it could suffer under heavy use. But what you lose in protection you gain in portability with the earphones being light and maneuverable making them perfect for exercise.

Skullcandy FIX Performance:
Sound quality is above average, with the treble being crisp and the drivers creating a full and rich sound. Sadly however, the bass can, at times, become incredibly overpowering drowning out the higher ranges altogether.

By fiddling with the EQ on an iPad 2 however we were able to restore some form of aural normality to proceedings and found that behind all that bass were a great, but not brilliant set of earphones.

Skullcandy FIX Practicality:
Taking Skullcandy at its word, we set off on a jog with the FIX earphones in tow, while it’s clear that if you get them caught on something they will come out, they’re noticeably more secure than your average pair of in-ear buds. Not a revolutionary function, but sometimes it’s improving the little things that makes a difference.

The FIX earphones also come with an Apple-approved mic and remote, which will pause, play, change volume and also act as a handsfree. Placed far too close to the ear you may find that you’ll forget to use them altogether, but essentially this is a small niggle.

Skullcandy FIX Verdict:
Consider them as earphones for an active lifestyle and you’ve got a great pair of portable buds which will not only stay in place, but with the mic and remote make sure you don’t have to rummage around when you’re hitting the track. Think of them as premium earphones however and you may find yourself wanting more, with the bass being just too heavy they fall short of producing a sound that can rival other buds, which may cost a little more, but will produce a far better sound.

Skullcandy FIX UK price: £49.99

Skullcandy FIX UK availability: Out now