Six of the best Gaming controllers

Six ways to enhance your world of gaming

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Six peripherals for the gamers who demand more.

Microsoft Kinect is all well and good, but what about those of us who like to play games where the objective isn't to bounce a ball or make friends with a 3D tiger cub? We'll be damned before we control an F16 in Tom Clancy's HAWX by sticking our arms out and running round the living room, and a game of Kinect Tekken sounds downright life-threatening. Far better to stick to T3's list of the top peripherals for specialist gaming:

Best for... flying: Mad Catz Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 Flight Stick
This packs twelve buttons – you can never have too many and a throttle control for speedy escapes. It's also massively adjustable - from the angle of the stick to the depth of the buttons. Available for PC, it's brother, the F.L.Y. 9, is available for Xbox and PS3, for multi-platform dogfighting.
Price: £30
Buy from here: Mad Catz

Best for... driving:
Nintendo Wii Wheel
Mario Kart just isn’t the same without this cartoonish steering wheel. Slot in your Wiimote and the motion sensor detects which way you turn it. It also works with futuristic racer Speedzone and Off Road if you prefer a driving experience that doesn’t involve mushrooms and red shells.
Price: £6
Buy from here: Amazon

Best for... fighting
: Hori Real Arcade Pro
Japanese gaming pros Hori are now the premiere purveyors of the original, button-mashing style arcade game controllers. Available for 360 and for PS3, the Real Arcade Pro will set you back a tidy £130, but such is the price of victory. Hadouken!
Price: £130
Buy from here: Amazon

Best for... Shooting
: Saitek Cyborg Rumblepad
This Rumblepad has a neat feature: you can change the position of the left analogue stick and D-pad, so you can have it next to the right analogue stick or in the top left of the control. You can also configure the accuracy of the stick to improve your aim, for more single-shot take-downs.
Price: £25
Buy from here: Madcatz

Best for... fitness:
Nintendo Wii Balance Board
The Balance Board detects even your slightest movement, so you can practice complex exercises, including skateboarding and rhythm kung fu on the new Wii Fit Plus. If there’s a more fun way to get fit that’s not sexual, we don’t know it.
Price: £90 with Wii Fit Plus
Buy from here: Amazon

Best for... rocking out
: Starpex Authentic Wood Guitar Controller
For £150 you could get a proper guitar and some lessons, but don't let that dissuade you - this is the connoisseur's choice of Guitar Hero controller. Made out of instrument-quality wood this is exactly like a real electric guitar, just without the any of the rebellion or sex appeal.
Price: £150
Buy from here: Amazon